Rain or shine, ten-mile Tuesdays live on!DSC02700I’ll add “tired” the the adjective list this week. I was up too late watching The Bachelor, drinking wine, and eating pizza! I had about six girls in my apartment last night for the event and there was no better way to celebrate (unless being in the LIVE AUDIENCE was somehow possible! How do I get a ticket for next season?!!)P1010011I can’t believe it:sean-catherine-bachelor-finaleI thought Catherine might be too city chic for Sean, but I guess true love overcame their cultural, geographic, and religious differences? Her reactions during his proposal almost made me think she was going to say no — did anyone else think that?! All ABC says they’re getting married on TV too! Wowzers.

Since I try to include some informational material for your intellectual benefit on this blog, here’s the stat of the day: of the 24 Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, only three are together as of today. A 12.5% long-term success rate!

But anyways, back to this morning’s run. I had my own true love and personal photographer run the first five with me, and then I finished the last five solo. For some reason I thought wearing a visor would help me stay dry, but that is completely false.DSC02697I got drenched. How fun is that?!

Other than the exciting raindrops it was sort of a boring run so let’s go back to food. I realized the other week that the crockpot is the solution to all life problems and am trying to utilize it as much as possible. This week I made a chicken coconut curry — this isn’t even a crockpot recipe but I made it one anyways.

P1010008The curry cooked for about 7 hours on low heat and turned out great!

I doubled the recipe for maximum leftover potential, and used half light coconut milk, half regular. I also added a can of chickpeas and a cup of chopped red and green peppers to boost its nutritional value. P1010007We served it over basmati rice (spiced up with pine nuts, green onion, and saffron) and topped it with Greek yogurt, because really, what does Greek yogurt not taste good on?

Have a splendidly soggy day!

  • What were your reactions to The Bachelor finale?
  • What do you use Greek yogurt for (other than eating it as just yogurt?!)
  • Pizza: thin or thick crust?

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