the little things

I’ve been training for this marathon for nine weeks now and have six more to go. To be honest I was feeling very “meh” this morning about getting out there. Not burned out quite yet… but maybe singed.

Then everything got wonderful again because I met up with Leah for a run and then we met this stranger who took our photo at 6:45 in the morning.DSC02701And then I got to see Anthony and all the CrossFitters and felt strong. DSC02707Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I saw this girl out running who was wearing my same shoes! Go girl! (And sorry I just posted you on the internet without your permission!)DSC02710

Since I’ve hit the middle of the week and the middle of marathon training, I’m focusing on the small joys given to me each day to stay positive.

For example:

1. I passed this treasure cove on my bike ride home the other evening and had to pull over just to capture its beauty.

IMG_0145There were actually a couple people there, picking through and shopping for stuff — for some reason, they thought I was a news reporter and asked if they were going to be in the paper. I told them sorry, no, I am just a crazy blogger.

2. Yesterday I went to McDonalds for an afternoon coffee and two things happened. First, the manager made me a fresh pot of decaf which was one of the nicest thing ever.

Second, while I was waiting another man ordered a cup of coffee and requested seven packets of sugar to go with it. SEVEN. I had to say something and was like, “Hey man, that is a LOT of sugar.” And he just said, “I know, I like the coffee taste sweet” in some European accent. The McDonalds man also gave him five creamers, none of which he requested, and he proceeded to build a tower out of them. IMG_01693. I’ve been attending a Tuesday night women’s group organized by my church. We’re reading Out of Control and Loving it by Lisa Bevere, which is mind-blowing. Same goes for brightly sprinkled cookies.2013-03-124. I’m going to have to start running in the northeast quadrant of DC because that’s where I can find this 60-year old man who runs from North Capitol to Chinatown each day — backwards.Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 5.46.38 AM5. I just discovered a way to eat a pound of carrots in under 10 minutes. According to the label there are approximately 20 carrots in this little bottle.


Small but mighty!

  • What little things have brightened up your day lately?
  • Favorite type of cookie?
  • What type of juice did you drink growing up as a kid?


  1. OMG, the man who runs backwards cracked me up! In philly, I always see a man rollerblading in his speedos during the summer. As far as cookies go, I like em’ all! Juice? Growing up, we drank milk for every meal (and now I rarely drink it!)

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