fast, free, and strong

Starting the week out fast with a monumental run (get it?!)IMG_0161And starting off free, with an “accesorio teléfono,” on 15th and R St. NW.IMG_0159And strong with my fiancé + 90 pounds of weights.IMG_0162

Speaking of Anthony, let’s back track to Sunday morning. One of Anthony’s favorite breakfast is smoked salmon on toast or a bagel. Also known as “lox.”P1000999But actually, not known as lox. I’m not from New York so I don’t know these things, but apparently, “lox” and “smoked salmon” are two different things. Lox is pickled in a brine; smoked salmon is (obviously) smoked.

“Smoked salmon is first cured in brine or with a dry rub, and then either cold- or hot-smoked. Fish smoked at a low temperature (cold-smoked) retains a silky texture like that of uncooked fish, while the hot-smoked type has the consistency of moist baked fish. Lox and gravlax (dill- flavored Scandinavian salmon) are not smoked, only cured in brine.”

P1000998There’s actually a plethora of articles on the topic of lox and smoked salmon; from what I can tell, it seems like people generally prefer the smokier taste of smoked salmon instead of the salty taste of lox. And, of course, smoked is more expensive than lox. The end.

Monday Funday!

  • Favorite bagel topping?
  • What’s your run today?
  • Have you ever picked up and kept someone else’s “trash” ??


  1. Tina

    Dad wants to know how much weights are you pumping Anthony? Dad said he might be able to lift the empty bar; well maybe lift just one end!!. all our love

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