FYI, there’s a TV on 17th and Ontario up for grabs. IT WORKS GREAT.Isn’t it crazy how massive TVs used to be? And that was only about 5 years ago. My wish? That someone would invent a very slim, extra-long-lasting battery-filled, super cool Garmin running watch/iPod/camera/phone. That way I wouldn’t be a mini Best Buy collection every time I run.

Speaking of run, apologies, but you’re not going to see much of that on the blog this week. I’m in super taper mode, which means, I get to sit around and eat animal crackers while my glycogen levels restore. Hoorah!

But…I did step out a bit yesterday. It was so extremely beautiful outside that I did a mini run/walk/bike excursion. The destination? Whole Foods. I biked there, realized I bought too much food to fit in my bike basket, and had to walk home. Then I jogged back to pick up my bike and ride her home. A bit inefficient? Yes, but it was Sunday. So, it was perfect.

Not running a million miles on Saturday also meant that I didn’t have to be a party pooper on Friday or Saturday! Saturday I met up with Leah for some fun at Bourbon, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. In addition to being a speedy runner, Leah also is a champ on the touch football field. I met her footballing friends who were generally twice as tall as me. Leah is actually in a full squat in this picture so that her head is at the same level as mine. Note to self: wear heels more.At Bourbon, I actually didn’t drink bourbon. I’m not a huge fan of whiskey or bourbon, but I wish I was. I’d be so Mad Men if I did.

I also wish I was a fan of football. Anthony and I try to get into the game, but we’re terrible at sitting still, so it never works out. Luckily, yesterday, Catherine invited me to Southern Hospitality to watch the Redskins play. We stayed for the entire game! She explained some of the rules to me, we made friends at the bar, and, of course, I had a plate of sweet potato fries to keep me company. In such an environment, it was pretty easy to stay put and watch the game.In addition to football, Catherine and I geeked out about running for a good while. She just registered for the Boston Marathon because she is an amazing runner. Go Catherine! Want to be an amazing runner, too? I came across this Runner’s World article on running form. Get those hips straight, stay on the balls of your toes, and listen to this Harvard Professor!

  • Do you shop at Whole Foods? If so, what’s your favorite grocery item?
  • Do you have an old-school TV?
  • Whiskey? Bourbon? Neither?
  • What aspect of your running form are you looking to improve?


  1. Alanna

    1- I don’t shop at Whole Foods all the time, but I do love their salmon burgers and cheeses, obvs.
    2- Sadly, no, Mr. Klos recently gave me a nice thin one! What a guy.
    3- Yuck
    4- I think my toes point in while I run, that seems like it’s probably not a good thing but I don’t really know!

    Thanks for the swag! I love myself a good electrolyte-filled drink. 🙂

  2. I’m a WF fan, but the closest one is always SUPER CROWDED. We hate that. We have a flat screen, I guess. I don’t really know. I married into it and before that never had a tv. I don’t like drinking. I just never acquired the taste. Lol.

  3. I shop at Whole Foods when I’m looking for something specific, but when generally grocery shopping I go to Wegman’s or Star Market.

    And I’m a whiskey girl 100% 😉

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