12 miles + $34 million = pizza

There is some debate about The Best Pizza in Washington, DC. The Post gives this list, and does not specify order of greatness (waste), and Yelp is, in my opinion, just wrong. So if you’re looking for a p-pie in D-town, you should listen to me and go to Pi. Especially this season because they are carrying a seasonal beer that tastes like pumpkin pie in a class. Pie and Pie?! At Pi?! Too good.

My coworkers and I had a stellar time finishing off the week with this little combo. The restaurant is actually known for its deep-dish pizza, but I guess I was so busy engulfing it that I didn’t snap a photo.

The weather is still nice out, so my friend Jake came over to hang out for a bit on my roof before I had an early bedtime. I thought that by adding artistic, vintage effects to this photo, it would be acceptable to post on the internet. I do love my camera but it has its limits when it comes to low light.It does well on the run, though. This morning I met up with the DC Road Runners for 8 miles, and then did 4 solo. Twelve, total! That’s it! Taper!We ran along the National Mall all and saw the usual handful of protests etc. But then we ran right into this dog show/event. Tons of puppies — including massive inflatable ones — everywhere. People LOVE dogs in DC. I see far more dogs than I see children.
Also of note is the newly revamped Reflecting Pool. This thing has been under construction for at least 1.5 years, and all of the politicians and scientists were feeling glorious when it finally opened a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that we spent $34 million to repair the pool and make it less polluted, prettier, and “more reflective,”  after its grand opening, the pool filled up with algae in about a week. Ah, well. Mother Nature strikes again!And then, the run was over before I knew it!

In addition to phenomenal pizza advice, I will also share the #1 way to eat a salad. You wait until you are almost done with the lettuce in the massive lettuce box, and then add toppings of your choice. If you’re especially thrifty on dirtying dishware, you can cut up your toppings using kitchen scissors and thus not touch a cutting board or plate, period. Add dressing, put lid back on, and shake around to the tune of your favorite Rihanna song for about 1 minute.Everything tastes better when you know there are no dirty dishes after! Voila!

And finally, Anthony says hi. He’s in Ethiopia right now, but is coming home soon! My life gets 99% more boring when he’s not around, thus making this blog almost completely useless. That’s a wrap, people! Have an awesome weekend!

  • Which is better: Skype or Google Hangout? (Anthony and I have been using Hangout and actually quite like it)
  • What’s your favorite salad dressing?
  • If you had $34 million, what would you do?


  1. Anna

    I`m a ceasar`s salad kinda girl. And I had no idea they repaired that pool, I feel like it looks just like it did before? But maybe I just haven`t been there in too long.
    I like the pizza they serve at Vapiano and heard there is one in Bethesda, probably somewhere else, too. It`s not deep-dish but delicious! Also, a few years ago Uno in Georgetown (?) had great Pizzas!

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