What a great breakfast!That I had for dinner last night, of course. On my bike ride home all I could think was french toast, french toast, french toast. So delicious, so easy!

If morning was my night, than my night hung around for this morning:

It was still quite dark when I stepped out around 6:30. I don’t mind fall and winter running because of the cold, but I do mind running during these seasons because of the dark. It’s harder to wake up, and routes are limited!

Anyways, I managed to get in a few miles before the drizzle turned to complete downpour. Today is umbrella day.In other news, I discovered this interesting tool to measure your muscle and energy recovery levels. It’s called RestWise. It basically quantifies how “ready” you are, physically, for race/game/event day. Factors it relies on to determine how rested you are: heart rate, amount of sleep, amount of exercise that day and previous day, mood, urine color (water intake, I guess?), muscle soreness, injury level, appetite, and more.

It costs $150 for a year, which is surprisingly less than I thought it would. I doubt I’d ever buy it, but it might be interesting to try a 30-day trial. I think it’s pretty easy to “listen to your body” and know when it needs more rest, but it might be useful for some to actually quantify their energy and fatigue levels.

It’s raining, I’m sleepy, and I reached the end of my bag of chocolate animal crackers today :(.

BUT it’s still a wonderful day. You know why? Anthony is coming home today!

  • Favorite animal cracker/cookie? Plain? Frosted? Chocolate? Cinnamon?
  • Breakfast for dinner: appropriate?
  • Do you like running in the rain?


  1. FRD

    Frosted, breakfast anytime is great (can not say the same about lunch or dinner), and I only run to get out of the rain. Welcome home Anthony !

  2. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about RestWise. It could definitely be a useful tool to keep someone from overtraining – which I tend to do a lot! Might just be doing the free trial too 🙂 Happy Running!!!

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