Pedaling Away at Logan Circle’s Zengo Cycle

I know I usually start with the sunrise, but today we’re going underground — to Zengo Cycle in Logan Circle, awesomely located in a sleek, dark basement on 14th and P Streets NW.                                     ZengoLogan5                                                                                            Zengo asked me to come and try one of their classes — and since I’ve been on a spinning/cycling craze lately, I was happy to go!                                         ZengoLogan3                                   The Logan studio opened in January and has had an overflow of people sign up, according to the owner Marc. I stopped in for a 10 am class yesterday, thinking it’d be almost empty given the random weekday time slot — and was surprised to see the class was nearly full!

A friendly front desk staffer greeted me as I walked downstairs into the studio, offering me water and a free rental pair of clip-in shoes.zengo_cycle_logan_circle_IMG_2163Zengo also has high-tech cubbies with locks you can self-program.zengo_cycle_logan_circle_IMG_2164Pretty cool.

The ride was awesome. Probably one of the best I’ve been to yet, among all the studios I’ve tried out! The instructor, Christy, was so incredibly upbeat and passionate. She worked up quite a sweat herself and had a killer lineup of beat-heavy music. The dark, loud studio made it easy for me to get in the zone and cycle away!zengo_cycle_logan_circle_IMG_2170
The 50-minute class was challenging, and featured a lot more full-body movements (like mini pushups against the handlebars, multiple standing positions, and lots of jumps) than other classes I’ve been to. Christy also did an amazing job timing the movements to the music. My fellow classmates were really into it, sticking perfectly with the beat and occasionally yelling out support for each other! It was a bit intense and totally fun at the same time — sort of like being in some crazy dance club or something.

Nice job, Zengo. You nailed it in terms of 1) location (walkable from all metro lines, and also on the circulator line)zengo_cycle_logan_circle_2160
2) amenities (showers, shoes, lockers, towels, water, and even little plastic bags for dirty clothes/shoes)zengo_cycle_logan_circle_IMG_2162and 3) the ride itself, which is fun and sweaty. Thanks for having me!zengo_cycle_logan_circle_IMG_2172My only minor critique of the whole experience is that the Zengo studio is pretty small and tightly packed, so I am giving it a 9/10 instead of a 10/10. (To date, none of my fitness experiences have scored a perfect 10… I’m a tough judge! 🙂 )

I’ll have a more in-depth review of the class on Active Life DC soon. And now, back to running! I’ve been working on my lineup of spring races, and here’s what I’ve got on the menu.

1. RRCA 10-mile club challenge, February 22nd. I ran this race last year and love the local club support! Let’s see if I can beat my previous finish time of 1;17.

2. RnR National Half Marathon, March 15. I’ve never run this big-time race, so I figured it’s time to put it on the agenda!

3. ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon, May 31 — which I’m honored to be a race ambassador for! I also ran this race last year and am excited to see if I can beat my previous finish time (1:42). Want to run it too? You can use my promo code, ANNAMB11, for 10% registration 🙂

No full marathons this season. I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and fast! (Don’t worry, I’ll tackle a 26.2 in the fall probably.) Any other race recommendations?

Now it’s off for another busy day. Have a great one!

  • Local race recommendations?
  • What was the last half marathon you ran?
  • Cycling: love it or hate it?

Of interest (non-fitness, all-local style):


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