running, braiding, drinking

Good morning, DC! (and rest of the world)

Slow and steady out-and-back today.2-IMG_1083I made sure to stop at mile 5 as part of Laura’s fall 5-mile challenge!3-IMG_1086The last two miles of my run were really meh but sometimes you just feel slow and that’s life.

Speaking of pace, let’s pause for a quick countdown: 23 days until my wedding and 2 days until my half marathon! Where has the time gone?!

For those of you gettin’ hitched, I’d recommend the following for inspiration and shopping: Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, The Knot, and Etsy. And Pinterest, obviously. They’ve helped me out a lot!

At this point, we’ve got most of our list items checked off — I just need to master my braiding skills! Here’s one of my latest French braiding frenzies:1-photo (9)Now I just need to grow two more arms so that I can handle backwards, upside-down hair art.

A four-armed person is a weird image so let’s move on to food. Last night Anthony and I tried out Sushi Rock, located between Court House and Rosslyn.1-DSC03451

Sushi Rock has a very swanky interior…2-DSC03452But since it was so lovely, we decided to sit outside. Picture #203498 of me smiling like a madwoman hunched over a plate of food:4-DSC03456We really liked the crazy Light My Fire roll (pictured above) — the chicken lettuce wraps were also quite tasty! Must try to make these at home.3-DSC03453Other than that, though, nothing really stood out. The problem is that Anthony recently returned from Vietnam so his palate has been really pampered in terms of seafood. What a tough life we lead.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Puddy, who is the official mascot of Active Life DC.2-_DSC0679Troy (the head editor) and Puddy came over for some drinks the other night. 3-_DSC0682Chips, salsa, beer, and running talk… PLUS a puppy? What more could a girl ask for?

Have a glorious day you guys!

  • Do you ever tank at the end of runs? It happens to me too often…
  • Do you have a dog?!
  • Wedding/marriage tips?

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  1. Mm, I love a good lettuce wrap! How funny, last year I ran a half marathon 2 weeks before Bruce and I got married! I cannot imagine life without my dog – she is my fur child. Marriage: communication, patience, and obviously lots and lots of love! πŸ™‚

  2. Yumm that sushi!!!
    Beautiful DC morning!
    My runs lately have been slow and “not the best” but I am taking the, “Oh well, just run to run” mentality and it is helping! I like the idea of the 5 mile challenge!

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