SweetGreen VIP Dinner & U Street’s New YMCA

Like I said yesterday, I’m happy living on the outskirts of the city now. But when I headed to my old ‘hood last night to check out the YMCA Anthony Bowen, I have to say I really missed living near U Street!03-DSC03435SweetGreen and the Y joined forces to show off their new facilities to a group of bloggers and fitness enthusiasts. Just like last time, the event didn’t disappoint!

The new YMCA is pretty sleek. It’s full of high-tech equipment, stunning artwork, and an enthusiastic staff.05-DSC03437The gym coordinator gave us an awesome tour of the facility, which includes a swimming pool, rock wall, demo kitchen, and conference center (just to name a few).04-DSC03436

And also includes a rooftop patio (!!).06-DSC03439My favorite part of the tour was hearing about all the initiatives this Y is taking to support community-building activities, and hearing about all the community partners they’ve already brought on board. This part of DC is very dynamic, and the YMCA seems like a great place to help foster positive growth!

Then, SweetGreen topped off the night with some delicious, healthy fare.07-DSC03442A twist on summer gazpacho: add watermelon!08-DSC03443And, of course, the month’s seasonal salad which features True Blue Maryland crab. Apparently many crab producers claim their product is from Maryland, when it’s really not! If you see the True Blue label, you know it’s legit.10-DSC03445Honest Tea rounded out the meal…11-DSC03447and great conversation wasn’t difficult to find!09-DSC03444I chatted away with Wave and Sophie for most the night.12-DSC03449The real highlight of the night is Wave’s shirt, which says “shopping is my cardio.” Amen.

  • Do you belong to a Y? 
  • Does your city have a SweetGreen?
  • Tell me about your run today!

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  1. What a fancy joint! I do not belong to a Y since the closest one is 50-60 minutes away, but I always hear about it. No SweetGreen here, either. (Man, I feel like we’re missing out on so much!) I covered a nice and humid 6.5 miles. Longer than planned but I had some encouragement along the way. 🙂

  2. This looks like so much fun!! I am jealous you get to hang out with so many DC bloggers. I was starting to and then with my knee I got superrrr lazy and making things happen outside of rehab. Womp womp. That YMCA looks awesome!! I have never been a member. Growing up I went to the RAC for Women “Rochester Athletic Club” I LOVED that gym. I didn’t live near the Y and my mom and I would go to the RAC together when I was in HS. You know it is crazy to think about, I bet that gym membership wasn’t cheap. I doubt I ever said thank you… Looks like I am growing up haha

    And to sweet green.. I have only been once and I wasn’t overly excited. People rave about it though so maybe I just had a bad one time experience.

  3. Brynne

    No SweetGreen here, haven’t even heard of it!
    My run today was FINALLY in some cooler weather – 70 degrees and cloudy – so I felt strong doing my hill repeats, not all drained and sluggish from the heat. Really really really looking forward to fall weather. I dream about it every day…aaahh…

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  5. Haha, glad my shirt was such a hit 🙂 It was so great seeing you, and I’m glad you took pictures from the Y tour (since I’m chronically late). If you still want to go on a shopping date let me know & I’m there!

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