stay-cation continues

Hey there! Hope you’re having a relaxing holiday.

Our stay-cation has been going splendidly. It was nice to sleep in and go out for a lazy run this morning…2-IMG_1067Not too lazy or too late, though. It could reach 90 degrees by noon, so I made sure to get out there on the early side!1-IMG_1066Pretty uneventful jog. Sometimes I miss the action of the DC streets now that I live in the more pleasant outskirts of the city, but luckily I have a collection of street furniture photos to comfort me in times of need.

Living in Court House has its perks, though. Like having a farmer’s market 0.2 miles from our apartment!3-DSC03429I stopped by on Saturday after my long run and loved chatting to all the vendors and looking at their beautiful bounty.1-DSC03425I ended up buying some jalepeno cheddar bread from Upper Crust bakery2-DSC03428As well as some local bacon from Smith Meadows farm. I don’t know what got into me!

This was our first time trying “fancy” bacon from the farmers market, and we thought it was pretty dang good.1-_DSC0738I don’t know how to explain it, but it tastes more meaty than the bacon I’ve bought at the grocery store. It tasted like pork, not like bacon. If that makes sense.2-_DSC0739Yum!

Now that we’ve covered bacon, we might as well move onto beer.4-DSC03431Anthony is on a pretty awesome touch rugby team. They play on Saturday mornings, but also got together for some non-rugby fun this past Saturday night. 5-DSC03433Fun fact: Of everyone sitting at the table, only three of us were American. This sport and this city really bring people together!

Enjoy your day off!

  • Have you ever played rugby?
  • Do you buy food at the farmers’ market? If so, what do you usually get?
  • What’s been the highlight of your long weekend?


  1. I never actually played rugby although i usually see my university’s rugby team practicing. I am a bit shy on playing as I find it too aggressive and scared that I would die within minutes of playing (I’m a bit small 🙂 )

    I love the farmers’ market. In Turkey we have lots of Bazaars that you can get healthy food. Lately my parents started growing our own vegetables. We even have a few chickens to keep up with my daily dose of protein.

    I love the pictures you take, and the routes you run at. I do wish we had more parks and routes like that I could take.
    Do you usually run on roads?

    I find running on the roads (especially more than twice a week) tiring and harmful to my body. I get injured a lot when I run on asphalt roads.(But this is probably because I have a bad running form) So I just keep the road running to races and pre-race trainings.
    Happy Trainings!

    • i do a mix of trails and roads, but most of the trails around town are paved (so, not much different than a road!). i’m fortunate to not be very injury-prone so it’s working for me at the moment.
      thanks for the comment!! happy running!

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