spicy mussels & sixteen miles

When you realize your weekend has three days instead of two, you start to go crazy with all of your newfound free time. Anthony decided to take on a project during this wonderful break.

3-_DSC0709Mussels.2-_DSC0708He followed this recipe (I just watched and poured wine) and it turned out great! Mussels are actually not that expensive (for seafood) and are also easy to cook.4-_DSC0712If you like to literally pick at your food, and don’t mind a bit of mush, you should try ’em!5-_DSC0713The recipe was pretty spicy… so we needed something sweet. Boccato1-DSC03419Choosing just two flavors is pure agony, but we were able to settle on pistachio and salted caramel. It doesn’t take much to make me smile.2-DSC03420

And then it was Saturday at 7 a.m. and I was with the DC Road Runners. Nothing like a sweaty sixteen miler!1-IMG_1059I had lovely conversations with some of the club members for the first eight miles and enjoyed some quality time with Rihanna for the last eight miles. Beach Drive, I’ve missed you!2-IMG_1060I took it pretty easy and cruised at an 8:35ish pace for most of the miles. The last bit was pretty sunny and sweaty, but I just kept chuggin along! It was a good run. 3-IMG_1064Speaking of chug along, that’s what I’ve gotta do. I just made a to-do list and it has 15 items. Luckily one of them is to bake a batch of scones.

Have a good weekend!

  • Did you do a long run this weekend? What was it like?
  • Have you ever eaten mussels and/or made them yourself?
  • Are you on vacay or at home this long weekend?


  1. Skipped the long run for this weekend, as a huge race is in 2 days.

    I love mussels, especially having mussels & beer on the coast line. However you never know where they get the mussels, one of the main problems with that is if the mussels are gathered from unclean water supplies, they usually have high amounts of heavy metals inside them. So be careful where you get them, as consuming heavy metals has some severe consequences.

    Nice 16 mile pictures by the way 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I never ever think to cook mussels. They just look really hard! But you’re right they’re probably very simple to cook. And they’re sooo yummy. Especially with a lovely white wine creamy sauce…yum.
    I went for a lovely 11 mile run. Easy paced and just really nice to let all the stress go while I just ran 🙂

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  4. We love cooking mussels! Whenever we make them at home we always get an absurd amount and devour them because you are right….they are so cheap! There is a bit of prep work to de-beard them…but I think it’s worth it!

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