yoga, spinning, and TV

Happy Friday!

Since I usually eat breakfast at work, you never get to see delicious morning eats… but Anthony’s oatmeal looked so beautiful this morning that I made him stop and take a picture of it.1-_DSC0706If someone could invent a year-round way to produce fresh summer berries, I would pay them a million dollars.

Anyways, I don’t have a million dollars which is why I’m always on board for free stuff! So when Revolve cycling studio in Arlington invited me — on behalf of Active Life DC — to come try out their Cross Cycle Challenge the other day, I was like YES. (You can read other reviews about the Cross Cycle Challenge here)1-DSC03403The Challenge: 45 minutes of spinning, followed by an hour of yoga at Tranquil Space studio. It was a blast!3-DSC03407Although I don’t have extensive experience in spinning, I’ll say that of the five or so studios I’ve been to, Revolve was the best one. Great instructors, clip-in shoes, free towels, awesome music, and prompt start time. Perfect!2-DSC03405After our spin (and complimentary granola bars!), we headed to Tranquil Space for an hour of yoga. Lots of focus on the hips and legs! That’s me in the very back corner… the only one with her hands down. Yeeeep.1-revolveOverall it was a fun and different experience — I’d recommend it to fitness enthusiasts with 2+ hours to dedicate to sweating and stretching. Both studios were very welcoming and the energy of the instructors and attendees was really upbeat. For a non-yoga lover and a non-spinner, I was pretty happy with the Challenge. I’ll have a full review on Active Life later if you’re interested in learning more.

And now it’s time to learn from you. I have a big question for you and need help! Anthony and I are looking for a new TV show to watch and have hit a dead end. We need a good find that’s available on Hulu Plus (we don’t have cable). Ideas welcome!!!

  • TV show recommendations?
  • Which is your favorite: yoga, spinning, or running?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?!




  1. I’ve never tried spinning before! I tend to shy away from really difficult class exercises because I feel like the instructor is going to ream me out for taking a break. Perhaps that’s an irrational fear…not sure.

    Hmmmm as far as TV shows go, I’m pretty lame. I just watched “The Office” earlier this year and loved it, haha, but I’m guessing you two aren’t as late to the game as I was…

    • haha yeah, we finished the office long ago! great show! don’t be scared of spinning… the great thing is that nobody has any idea how much resistance you have on your bike so you can totally control how hard you go

  2. I love Revolve!!!!!! I wish it was more affordable because I would be there all the time! I like how they turn the lights off so you can really get in the zone.

  3. I’m doing quite a bit of spinning at the moment and it’s a great way to keep speed training while not pounding the pavements so much. I don’t love it I have to say but it does the job! I’m always so sweaty after a workout. Yoga afterwards sounds like a great idea. Really complimentary!

  4. not sure if these are available on hulu but casey and i became obsessed!

    1. house of cards (this one is on netflix)
    2. house of lies (this is a starz show so im not sure)
    3. suits (the 3rd season i believe is on now but its a must watch!)

    we seriously finished house of cards within 3 weeks and house of lies in probably 2 weeks (apparently we have no social life haha)

    hope you enjoy them as much as us! hope to see you and DCRR soon!

  5. 1. house of cards
    2. house of lies
    3. suits

    casey and i have become obsessed with these shows! house of cards is on netflix, house of lies is a starz series and suits is on USA (its actually on its i believeee 3rd season?) so im not sure if any of them will be on hulu. i would think so! 🙂 hope to see you and DCRR soon! have a great holiday weekend!

  6. I was looking for a tv series a few weeks ago, and my friends recommended: New Girl, Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, Teen Wolf, and White Collar. I didn’t end up watching any of them, so I’m not sure if they’re any good.

  7. olivetorun

    I love Shark Tank and Impractical Jokers…. they may be the only two shows I record. Oops 🙂
    Running is where it’s at for me.

  8. Brynne

    We just finished watching the first 4 seasons of Fringe (and now we’re waiting impatiently for the 5th season to be put up on Netflix) and it is SUCH good show. Haven’t found something I’ve really been into for a while.

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