tips to become a morning person

This morning’s blue skies!1-DSC03415I often hear people say that they could “never” wake up early to exercise or run. Today on my run I crafted a list of pointers to help motivate wannabe morning people. Never say never!

  • Stick with it. At first, it will be really hard to break night owl habits and obey your alarm clock. But every day it should get easier, and eventually your body will develop a morning person rhythm.
  • Treat yourself. Make coffee, have breakfast, listen to your favorite band, read the paper, etc. first thing when you get up. Then, your first thought isn’t, “BLEH I have to get up to go run in the cold/rain/heat,” it’s “YAY, I get a hot cup of coffee and get to listen to John Mayer!”
  • Go to bed early. Duh. If you’re well-rested, your body is happier when you wake it up at 5 a.m.
  • Focus on the positive. Sometimes when I’m laying in bed, debating whether to sleep in or not, I remind myself how good it will feel to have run, showered, and accomplished something in my life before 8 a.m. Going for a morning run puts me in a good mood and helps me be more relaxed and productive for the rest of the day.
  • Have accountability partners. Make ridiculously early plans with other morning people who will get mad if you bail.

Which brings me to… these lovely ladies!2-DSC03416Miriam, Leah, and I reunited for a humid, yet happy, six miles this morning.3-DSC03417Now that I live across the river, it’s a bit more difficult for us to find a meeting point. Luckily I have my trusty ride to help get me get around town with ease! (Except when it comes to hills. Betty weighs about 50 lbs and does not handle inclines well.)4-DSC03418

Speaking of ease, Anthony and I are still in love with our new family member:1-_DSC0767Slow-cooker pork stew was on the menu! Even though reviewers give this recipe 3 stars, we’d give it 4.5.3-_DSC0774Hearty, cheap, healthy, and easy! If I made it again I would add more tomatoes, but other than that minor change I think it’s pretty perfect as-is.4-_DSC0775What better way to end this post than with a piece of warm, buttery bread?5-_DSC0777You have a wonderful morning!

  • Tips for becoming a morning person?
  • What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?
  • Do you have a bike? If so, what kind is it and how much does it weigh?

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  1. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I always set my clothes/shoes out so that I don’t have to think too much when I’m stumbling around at 5 am. And my favorite tip: go to bed early. Hello, 9:30 pm bedtime (or earlier…). It’s the only way I survive.

  2. I have never been a morning person, but I think I’m slowly becoming one, as evidance by not being able to sleep in on the weekends. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Vitamix, The thing can do just about anything. Second to that would certainly be my crock pot. I seriously need to commit to using it more in the colder months. I have a Jamis hybrid bike, that apparently weights 32lbs.

  3. Biggest tip for becoming a morning person is what you said – keep doing it. But then again, I guess that’s the biggest tip for doing pretty much anything, haha. I recently took a few morning runs, and even though I usually SWEAR by running right before sunset, I feel really GOOD today (ran this morning). I might be on to something!

  4. I get up at 4:30am everyday and the first thing I do is hit the floor for some push-ups and core work! It wakes my body up and I am ready to go.
    Recently I have been obsessed with my mini George Foreman Grill! I have been placing all my sandwich type eats on it like a panini-press!

  5. Heather Rose

    having my automatic coffee pot set to 5:15am makes it much easier! I smell the coffee and figure its ready, I should be too;-)

  6. I’m much more of a morning person than an evening person. Literally 9pm comes around and I am ready for bed! I think it’s just about getting used to it. I guess if I slept later I could stay up later. But I’m just more productive in the morning.
    My microwave is my favourite appliance. I defrost stuff it in, cook oatmeal in it, I steam veg in it….

  7. Yay your bike is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been able to get myself up to run in the morning on a consistent basis. Even when I do, I run soooooo slow. I did a little better with 5AM CrossFit.. only because it’s expensive, and I didn’t want to waste money by missing classes. My best bet would be to meet someone !!

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