The sunny days of summer are coming to an end.1-IMG_1046I had to wake up at an unbelievable hour to run many miles this morning! More than 12 is a bit insane in my opinion but I am sticking to the training plan! Plus a bit of crazy at 5 a.m. never hurt anyone.

Luckily I got to break up the miles with a new running friend and blog reader! Caitlin crafted a lovely, less hilly, and lush route through Bluemont park, Custis, and other cool Ballston trails.2-IMG_1048Speaking of trails, Caitlin told me about this cool race series: EX2 Adventure’s Backyard Burns. For all you trail enthusiasts and dirt lovers!

We chatted away, stopped for water, chatted more, and boom. We were done! Drenched in sweat and humidity as the picture below shows.3-IMG_1050Thanks for the great run, Caitlin!

Shout out to Greg’s List, who published my “award-winning” story the other week when I won Chevy’s Blogger Eco-Friendly dinner. If you like cute stories and aren’t tired of reading about me and Anthony then you can give it a read :).

And now that I am drenched in sweat and covered in crazy, I guess it’s time to shower and find my sanity again. I am running late as usual. Have a great day!

  • Trail race or road race?
  • Random: Favorite froyo topping?
  • What amount of mileage would you consider crazy?

Of interest:



  1. So funny- I ran from Bluemont today today too (always nice to get the text about hyperthermia alert while you’re running…). I have a “question of the day” for YOU- do you listen to music when you run? what do you listen to? have I already missed a post about this? Just wondering.

    • haha thanks! what? hyperthermia in bluemont? huh?!!

      i listen to music like half the time depending on how i feel and what my run is like. i listen to a LOT but favorites are jason mraz, john mayer (slow runs), alicia keys, cut copy, rihanna, sleigh bells, coldplay, phoenix, beyonce, jamie cullum, jet, and the black keys…happy running!

  2. Caitlin

    Awesome run today, Mary! I have to agree, the miles flew by with such a great partner in crime! šŸ˜‰ We’ll have to do it again soon!

  3. Okay question. Do you ever run before the sun rises when you’re alone? I’m typically a solo runner, just because there aren’t many long distance runners my age. I’m totally willing to get up at 5:00 or 5:30 AM to fun this fall, but is it safe to run alone in the early morning hours when you’re a young woman?

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