breakfast hills & a three-year joke

Where did the weekend go? I closed my eyes and now it’s Monday.1-DSC03411I checked out the Custis trail this morning and found that it is shockingly still full of hills. Good thing my run was a short one!2-DSC03414I’ve always wanted this shirt:il_570xN.470452467_801qNot really. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, DUH.

But let’s move onto dinner. When I met Anthony three years ago, he told me that he made an incredible pad Thai. Since then, I’ve been asking him to make it and for some reason he never has! It’s become a big, three-year long joke between us.

But last night we finally had the last laugh. 1-_DSC0749Because he made the pad Thai.2-_DSC0755And it was so so good. Similar to this recipe.

What are rice noodles, anyways? Here’s an interesting article about three types of Asian noodles and their nutritional differences. Looks like rice is pretty nice.
4-_DSC0764Dinner for two and a dinosaur. (See him?!)
3-_DSC0762I hope your week is off to a good start!

  • Do you collect strange salt and pepper shakers?
  • What’s your favorite Asian dish?
  • What did your run look like today?

Of interest:



  1. Good job conquering those hills! I can’t choose just one favorite, too hard – sushi, yaki soba, pad thai, its all so good. My run today was short and tough. Tried to keep a faster pace and it kicked my butt. No collection of salt and pepper shakers here, but a good friend of mine does the same thing.

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