slow-cooked slow runs

Back at it!1-IMG_1018-001I set out for a slow, sleepy run — just taking it easy and cruising to the new John Mayer album. Which is not surprisingly AMAZING (minus the duet with Katy Perry).

Now that I don’t live in the heart of the city, it’s a real treat (and really long route) to tread the streets around my old hood.

Everything was run-derful until I ran SMACK into a monster bee. It stung my arm and I screamed and flailed like a mad woman for about three whole minutes. Ouch.5-IMG_1024Local readers: Have you seen this house on Cathedral and Macomb and Wisconsin? After being in shambles for years, they’ve finally fixed it up! Mind blown.4-IMG_1023

Speaking of mind-blowing, Anthony and I have a new member of our family: a slow cooker!

We warmed the cooker up for the first time… to make some tender, smoky-sweet barbecue chicken!
_DSC0708RECIPE. So easy, so delicious!_DSC0705(Yes, my cup says “Run.” Another great gift!) Served with a tray of simply roasted veggies._DSC0696This was such an effortless dinner… until I shoved all the veggies’ discards down the garbage disposal at once until I broke it. Plunger to the rescue.1-_DSC0692Have a great day!

  • Favorite slow cooker recipe?
  • Have you ever broken/clogged your garbage disposal/sink?
  • Did you buy the new John Mayer album? THOUGHTS?!!!

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  1. Hah, I thought of you while I listened to the new JM on yesterday’s run! I also love it, and agree, not so much the duet, but the other songs. Particularly Wildfire. One of my favorite things to do on a long run is to put all of his albums on shuffle; nary a song that I don’t at least like, if not love. Same with Coldplay.
    Haven’t broken the disposal yet, but only had it for a year, so there’s still time!
    Current favorite slow-cooker recipe is this one:
    Super easy, healthy, and delicious!

    • ahhhh! he is the best right? my favorite songs thus far are marie (so close to mary!!), paper doll (CLEARLY about taylor swift), badge and gun (how do you hit those high notes, john?!). also, this line struck me on my (morning) run, from waitin’ on the day: “will you walk with me before the morning fades…” and of course, wildfire — so catchy! yes i think i just named almost every track on the album. but really, what is up with the random frank ocean track? bizarre. anyways i clearly have nobody to talk to this about so THANKS for reaching out. i am going to make that stew ASAP.

      • Listened to it again on the way home from work yesterday. I was wondering if Paper Doll is about Swift, I bet you’re right! totally agree about the random track; I tried to listen to the words but it was hard to make out; will look for lyrics. But it’s called Wildfire too, so that’s confusing. Never thought I would like music as countrified as what he’s put out on the last 2 albums, but I really do. Then again, there are all kind of countryish crossovers happening now so maybe not so strange. He’s seriously needs to lose the album cover outfit though, as it makes him look a goober.

  2. Dawn H.

    oh no. bee sting while running is a definite fear of mine 😦 the chicken looks amazing! i might have to break out my slow cooker to try that recipe.

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