tea & tina turner

I was planning on running many miles and pounding the Gu this morning…But instead I slept many hours and am downing the Dayquil. Being sick is no fun!

_DSC0718(Unless you add animal crackers to the mix. Then it can be fun.)

Hopefully I’ll get my midweek longer run in at some point this week. But if not, so be it. When your body says “I’m sick and need sleep,” you just have to chill.

I have no pictures of street furniture, fort men, or toilets in the woods today… but I do have a sneak peak into Gold’s Gym in Rosslyn!IMG_0937I had a free one-week pass to this fitness center near the Rosslyn metro and decided to cash it in the other day.

I signed up for a “Body Circuit” class with no idea what it was and no expectations. That’s the best way to go into a workout, right?IMG_0933-001Anyways, the class was hilarious and pretty fun. It was “Diva Week,” so we jumped and danced to Madonna and Tina Turner for a full 50 minutes. I wouldn’t say the class was super challenging, but it did work my hips with all the lateral movement!

The instructor took us back to the 90s and made us exchange multiple high-fives. Loved it.

In addition to throwback fitness classes, Gold’s also seems to have a nice open gym. Not too crowded, which is a major perk when it comes to finding a good gym around here.IMG_0935-001Looks like Vida, Results, and City Fitness were awarded best gyms in the city this year. This Washingtonian article (humurously) describes the scene at different gyms around town… and here’s an interesting post about the gym war going on between Vida and Results gyms. Who knew working out could be so controversial.

Have a healthy day!

  • What’s the “scene” at your gym?
  • If you had to do one workout from the 80s or 90s, what would it be?
  • Tell me about your run so I can pretend I was out there!

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  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Your Golds seems much nicer than ours! It’s always crowded, dated equipment and no classes…obvi we are looking for a new gym lol

  2. I’m sure you’ll be feeling better and back up an running (literally) in no time! Well, being in a “box” its just CrossFit, but its not super competitive like some others have the stereotype of being. We used to belong to a local gym chain, but the conditions varied from location to location. One was new and had all up-to-date stuff, one was old and was dated with broken machines, and another was just teeny tiny and cramped (it looked more like a large gym for a hotel).

  3. My gym at home is full of housewives who workout in the cutest little matching outfit from name brand stores– then there is me…. ya don’t fit in haha
    In bloomington my gym is full of undergrad girls who jump on an eliptical with their hair all nice and straight and “workout” for an hour without sweating at all.

    And my run yesterday was soooo hard bc my legs were absolutely SHOT!!

  4. My Fitness First was bought out by Gold’s so I am looking forward to seeing if they make any changes. So far they added body pump and another les mes class to the schedule but that’s it!

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