tired, full, & happy

The weekend! Where to begin?
It had been too long since Miriam and I shared Spanish-inspired cocktails, so we decided to visit Boqueria on Friday.
DSC03376Sangria for all!DSC03377Miriam and I have both lived in Spain before and were pretty excited to get some pan con tomate, a Spanish staple. I think Boqueria did a pretty good job and would definitely go there again.DSC03378We even remembered to photograph our rare, non-sweaty experience.DSC03379And then were promptly photo-bombed by these random men who decided to pose with us.  ???DSC03380Anyways, flash forward 10 hours and I was catching the sunrise on a cool Saturday morning: IMG_0992

I did 4.5 miles solo, then met up with the DC Road Runners for another lovely 14.IMG_0994I haven’t done a “long” long run in a couple weeks, so was a bit nervous. But plenty of Gatorade and good conversation made the miles fly by, actually!IMG_0995By the end I was tired but happy. And got even more tired and more happy when Anthony suggested we host a pizza party.pizza23Yes, that is his apron. Best wedding registry gift ever!

We had two of our friends come over for dinner. Started off with classic Italian salad, complete with heavenly pepperoncinis.  salad6Anthony whipped up some amazing pies, all of which included plenty of CHEESE. I decided I am always going to capitalize CHEESE and types of CHEESE from now on.pizzamakingTable set…pizza3and GO!pizza2Generous pours of wine and a decadent dessert tied it all together. I am proud to announce that I actually made whipped cream from scratch. It’s pretty easy… you just buy some cream, and whip it. Who knew._DSC0748Going out to eat is fun, but I think hosting friends in your own home can be just as delicious and much more intimate!

By the end of the evening we were both pretty tired, full, and happy. Which is the best way to end a Saturday night in my opinion. Hope you’re stuffing your weekend full of fun, too!

  • Do you go out to eat a lot, or party more at your own home?
  • Have you ever made your own whipped cream?
  • Did you do a long run this weekend? How did it go?!


  1. That pizza…. wow looked amazing!
    I completely agree– dinner parties are much more fun ((and I LOVE to eat out… so that is saying something))
    I am also a huge fan of pitch-ins! I love seeing what everyone else makes!
    I did a 12 mile run today and it was pleasant and uneventful!

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I can’t even wrap my head around 18 miles! Awesome job! I knocked out a 1/2 this weekend, but I was majorly struggling. I love having friends over for dinner, but my apartment isn’t that big, so we have trouble finding seating. One day!

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