Drive the District dinner @ Nora

I always try to save my most delicious photos for Friday. So when I won a spot to last night’s Chevrolet Drive the District eco-friendly dinner, hosted at Restaurant Nora, I knew I would have some some fantastic food to share with you all this morning! Yay!

But first, let’s build up the atmosphere:restaurantnora07Wine + blogger mingling. The Chevrolet reps told us about some of their eco-friendly rides, which sound pretty nice. They also talked about their “grassroots” marketing approach, which incorporates word of mouth from bloggers!restaurantnora15Menu. Making a few single decisions was DIFFICULT, let me tell you. Restaurant Nora is America’s first certified organic restaurant and has glorious reviews. restaurantnora09Awesome company. I was honored to accompany Greg from GregsListDC! And meet lovely ladies like Laura of Best Thing on the Menu, Lisa of Dining in DC, Laetitia of French Twist D.C, and Pamela from Pamela’s Punch. I also met Heidi, who isn’t a blogger but makes lovely jewelry for sale at Poppy Metals._DSC0729

And now FOOD.

Baby lettuces with roasted peaches, goat cheese, and caramelized pecans. The dressing was quite salty, but the sweet peaches and pecans gave it some balance.

restaurantnora17Roast Amish chicken with prosciutto-spinach stuffing, accompanied by a summer vegetable/panzanella salad. (Any ideas on what makes a chicken Amish, btw?)

This was maybe my least favorite part of the meal, actually. The chicken (local and organic, of course) was extremely tender but also very vinegar-y. Prosciutto a bit soggy. Veggies were good — you could definitely taste the freshness of the organic baby tomatoes.restaurantnora1And lastly, a summer berry pavlova. I must have been so excited to eat it that I couldn’t keep my hand still to take a clear photo!

It was amazing — the berries so fresh, and the pavlova so creamy. (Also, considering I usually eat ice cream out of the carton or in a mug, I felt quite classy spooning up dessert from a martini glass.) restaurantnora5I’ll be writing more about the event for Greg’s List and Chevy, including my “award-winning” food/road trip story that helped me win a spot at this event. Thanks for hosting us, Chevy and Nora!

I might not be the most qualified foodie to attend such delicious events, but I definitely am a qualified District dweller. Last night we discussed what a vibrant, beautiful city DC is — which made me excited to get out and explore this morning!IMG_0988A quiet, cool kickoff to the weekend. Love it.IMG_0987Happy Friday!

  • Do you buy local/organic foods often?
  • Do you own a car? What kind is it?
  • What was your run/workout today?!

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  1. That event looks like a ton of fun! My CSA is local and organic so yes to that one, I drive a corolla, and work out today is going to be a sweaty full body functional circuit! I am going on my first run in 4 months tomorrow!! I AM SO EXCITED. Perhaps if I start running in the morning (once my runs are actually miles and not just a few minutes) I’ll run into you out there : )

  2. We’ve done a lot better about buying local & organic since working on paleo — almost 100% on meat. We’re a one car family, and Kevin takes it to work every day. I mostly walk/run or bike!

  3. OMG that meal looks amazing! I just made a peach & goat cheese salad Sunday trying to recreate the one we had at Sweet Green, but I definitely want to try it again with roasted peaches that sounds awesome 🙂

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