hills and sardines.

Isn’t this beautiful?IMG_0977And isn’t this?
Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 7.37.38 AMYes, you guys. It’s an elevation/torture chart that shows me running up and down this hill ten times:IMG_0980And then up and down this hill five more times. FUN.IMG_0981Today I came up with a new idea on how to conquer hills. You have to stop thinking about them as just plain hills. Instead, imagine each hill is a problem in your life or an issue you’re dealing with. Each time you run up one, imagine you’re going up against that bully from high school or your mean boss or that frustrating project. Not only does it take your mind off the fact that you’re painfully ploughing forward, but it also gives you a bit more spring in your step.

Unfortunately (but actually, fortunately), I don’t actually have 15 different problems in my life right now… so after a few reps I just tried to stay positive and let Rihanna carry me to the top of each sprint.

In other news, the salad of the week is a tried-and-true winner: the no-guilt Caesar salad recipe, courtesy of Food Network._DSC0703The big announcement I have is that I tried to save a few dollars by substituting sardines for anchovies. Unfortunately I have to admit that this little fish is just not as tasty as its almost-identical twin. Next time I’ll splurge on anchovies!sardine saladIf you’re not grossed out thinking about anchovies and sardines, I recommend you read this enlightening article and this fascinating forum on the differences between these two little fishies.

From what I understand, sardines are a broad group of small fish, whereas anchovies are a specific type of small fish. So, an anchovy is a sardine but a sardine is not an anchovy. Also, anchovies are saltier, less mushy, and… (this is sort of weird) hairier than sardines, in my opinion.

_DSC0697What else is in this bowl of goodness? Baby romaine, hardboiled egg, PARMESAN (which deserves all caps), red pepper, olives, and — of course — the signature “no guilt” tofu-based dressing. Croutons came later — you can never add them too early or else they’ll get soggy!

Speaking of soggy, are any local readers as jazzed as I am that the humidity has disappeared? Go enjoy this lovely weather while you can!

  • How do you mentally tackle hills?
  • Do you like anchovies/sardines?
  • If you had to listen to one artist/band on every run, who would it be?

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  1. HIlls: I shorten my stride. It slows me down but it means I don’t have to walk.
    Anchovies: LOVE them on pizza; no to sardines.
    One Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars

  2. Your anchovy/sardine ‘grouping’ reminds me of the thing I learned in geometry, “all squares are rectangles, but rectangles are never squares.” Gosh, I’m such a nerd. We don’t really have hills to conquer here, except for a bridge. But when I run the bridge I just slow down a bit, shorten my stride, and just focus on breathing, one step at a time…

    • Mandi, we’re the same in Oklahoma. We use Tuesday evenings to run at our boathouses. There are two bridges that cross the river between the boathouses so we use them for hill repeats. One of the guys in our running group is our “unofficial” trainer. Every single person that did hills and tempo runs with him earlier in the year PR’d at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

  3. Oh my gosh — those hills are the WORST!!! I live right around the corner from them and they are therefore unavoidable! I can’t imagine running them 10 times as a work out! I don’t think I’d be able to walk for the rest of the day! Go you!

    I can’t get on the canned small fish train — in fact I can’t even eat canned tuna. I know, I’m weird. I’d like to branch out, because I know they’re good for you (according to Kath’s blog anyway) and I love caesar dressing, but those little guys are scary! Maybe someday!

  4. Runner Girl Eats

    The whole time I am running up a hill I repeat ‘what goes up must come down’. Super cheesy but it works for me. And I loveeeee anchovies.

  5. I haven’t listened to music while running in so long!!! I miss it!! We had a .75 mile hill on our little half marathon, and I just attacked it conservatively knowing it was going to take a while!! Sardines and anchovies are grossss haha 🙂

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