humidity & hydration


When the sky is the same color as the river, you know it’s humid.

IMG_0962I pushed through the thick air one step at a time.IMG_0965Virginia to DC to Maryland in one morning? A special route!IMG_0966Local readers: Is this not the creepiest tunnel ever? (Capital Crescent Trail)IMG_0963I’ve got to say this was not my best run. I made a really dumb decision not to bring any water, Gatorade, or Gu with me and I think I sweat out all of my energy by mile nine (of eleven). Hydration is something I’m trying to be better about — I have to convince myself it’s not a “weakness” to carry water with you!

So today I am going to read this article, this article, and this article to remind myself that water and Gatorade are good things.

Thank goodness for Dorothy and Greene Dugger. I wonder if this is them?IMG_0969

They are responsible for this water fountain!IMG_0968


Go drink some water!

  • How do you hydrate during longer runs?
  • Do you drink out of water fountains or find them gross?
  • What’s the highlight of your day?!

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  1. An 11 mile run during the week is impressive, especially in really humid conditions! Way to go.
    I generally don’t carry liquid with me, but that’s more because I find it such a nuisance! However, this weekend I used a hydration pack and wasn’t too bothered by it!

  2. Nice run Mary. I am horrible with hydrating on runs. I have actually never ran with water… Not sure how I have gotten away with that. I also never use gu or anything like that on long runs. I know that will change once my runs are over 13 miles. Thus far that was the farthest though and I seem to be able to go 2 hours training with out needing to refuel.

    This morning was super gross, kudos to you for getting out there. I hardly wanted to get out of bed!

  3. Kudos to you for such a long pre-work run! I’ll drink out of a fountain… But there aren’t too many around here, so I don’t do it often. I don’t generally fuel during runs, but if I do, I make sure my route swings back by the house or near a store where I can grab a little something.

    • yes, take a lot to get out there at the crack of dawn, but always leaves room for post-work happy hours! :)i love stopping in stores during/at the end of a run for a special “treat” like gatorade, coconut water, GUMMY BEARS, etc

  4. On long runs i carry a little water bottle with me.. Kind of annoying but I know I need it. If i’m thirsty enough I will drink from a water fountain! Hmm the highlight of my day will be when I get home from work and can fall on the couch 🙂

  5. DistrictSweats

    Haha, I love that tunnel. Refused to go through it for months until I had a friend with me. Turns out, there’s not much on the other side.

  6. I have to constantly remind myself about water while running. I think being on the xc team in high school where it was so “uncool” to have water (i mean NO ONE carried water…it was a sign of a novice runner and someone who didn’t know what they are doing) but now it is so important!! I need to do better! you are right–it is not a weakness!
    I am working on carrying a food source with me too… still experimenting with that though! Good luck!

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