30 bachelorette tips

We did it!DSC03309

A list of how to have the best bachelorette weekend:

1.Food trucking.

DSC033122. Lots of walking.DSC033423. Smartphone-depending.DSC033074. Sketching.DSC033135. Sightseeing.DSC03315

6. Swimming.DSC03320

7. Nail painting.DSC033348. (with champagne drinking.)DSC03332(And with Anthony + a street spy sent by Anthony)DSC03339

9. Being girly.DSC0334610-15. Drinking.DSC0333016. Eating! With crown and sash.DSC0335217-25. Partying.

26. Recovering:DSC03358More recovering.DSC0335927. Bug eating?DSC03360DSC0336128. Butterfly watching.DSC03366DSC03371DSC0336929. Road trippin’.DSC0337330. The finish line: coming home to my fiance! ANTHONY is BACK!_DSC0694

All that weekend fun made my run extra sunny this morning.IMG_0960Have a bright day!

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • Last mani/pedi you got? What color?
  • If you had one engagement/wedding tip, what would it be?

Of interest:



  1. What an awesome weekend!! I need a pedi ASAP!!! And that breakfast…. YUM!!
    Highlight of my weekend was a biking party I had at my place last night with some of the best food everrrr!!

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