stocking up

Someone must have known I’m off for a bachelorette weekend! They stocked up Betty with all the right stuff.IMG_0945A quick, final run in DC before we head off to Philly!IMG_0948I always like to try and get a run in before I sit in a car or plane for hours. It makes my legs a little less restless!IMG_0951Speaking of planes, this bachelorette is double excited because Anthony comes home this weekend! If you haven’t noticed, he’s been gone for the past two weeks. It’s been pretty lonely.

On my route today I also noticed that someone left me a friendly reminder to pack my toothbrush.IMG_0949I might be partying hard this weekend but I will never sacrifice good oral hygiene.

Catch you later!

  • Last plane ride you were on?
  • What was your run today?!
  • Recommendations for Philly?


  1. I live in Philly and please, avoid “The Cave.” It prides itself as a chippendales-like place, but it’s really NJ bros trying to stuff their junk in your face. Definitely check out Silk City late-night – killer dance parties! Also worthy of checking out (since you’ll be at a bachelorette party and probably want to get your groove on: 700 Club, L’Etage (both have dancing for the “older” crowd). If you want a huge stein of beer in one of the city’s finest beer gardens, check out Frankford Hall. Stay away from: Plough and the Stars (really, any place in Old City), Fado, Public House, G Lounge, Ladder 15 – all are littered with the college type who live off of their parents’ money. And the drinks are way overpriced! Hope you have a great time and can’t wait to read about it 🙂

    • haha, this was a brilliant comment! thank you so much! we took your advice to heart and avoided all places mentioned (some of which were on our “maybe” list, so that was great!) we ended up eating at El Vez and accidentally went to a gay dance club before ending up at a Latin dance place which was a ton of fun. We loved Philly! Wonderful city.

      • Yay! So glad you had a good time…love your pictures 🙂 El Vez is amazing and so is any restaurant on that block…great choice. What was the name of the mani/pedi place you went to? My go-to spot does not serve champagne! haha

      • yes, what a cute block! we went into a little accessory store nearby el vez — i think it was called verde? super cute. mani/pedi place was “nails by anthony,” which we obviously picked because my fiance’s name is anthony and also because the staff let us pop open our own champagne!

  2. Last plane ride– May to St. George, Utah for an adventure spa 🙂 oh my gosh… wonderful. The greatest place ever with great trail runs!!

    Today was a short short run with some weights. Tomorrow is a long run hopefully!!

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