!!!! ! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Some people wait until Friday night to go on a date but I start at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning.
Leah and I went for a lovely Virginia run…DSC03301Then rewarded ourselves with iced and caffeinated goodness. Here is sweaty picture #35049823. Also I have already had two cups of coffee and it is only 7:30 a.m. I feel like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !! !!!!!!

DSC03304In other news, I must be getting excited about Anthony’s and my upcoming honeymoon (to Mexico!). Because I am cooking Mexican food like there’s no tomorrow. Quesadillas, for you!

_DSC0702-001Making a quesadilla is easy, but in case you haven’t experienced this art form, here’s a how-to:

First, fry up a ton of veggies, beans, and/or chicken, beef, pork… whatever, really. Douse with taco seasoning. If you think you have added enough seasoning, add more._DSC0687Then, slather tortillas in butter, heat them up, and assemble with a heavy sprinkle of cheese. Flip ’em around in the pan to make sure everything gets really melty. If you think you have added enough butter and cheese, add more.

Cut into sections (I used a pizza cutter, very resourceful) and wonder if life could get any better. Serve with salsa and guac (I made Kath’s “yogamole“)._DSC0709Ta-da!

Back to running! I also have some races/cycling for you:

I am off to Philly for bachelorette partying tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend!! !!!!!!!! !!!! !!! ! !!!!!!

  • How do you react to caffeine? 
  • What’s the most exciting thing you have going on this weekend?
  • If there was no tomorrow, what type of cuisine would you eat today?

Of interest:



  1. Haha I think I react to caffeine similarly to you. I used to be able to drink one Coke in college and stay awake during class. 99% of the time I’m drinking water, and I never drink coffee, so one tiny bit of caffeine always gets me.

  2. I would eat a TON of quesadillas and pasta (probably a cheese-filled pasta)…I’m all about carbs and cheese mixed together! My biggest things on the agenda for the weekend are an 18 mile run (wooo longest run yet of marathon training) and a trip to a lake house in WI!

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