scary workouts & sneak tastes

For once, I was eager to hit the track this morning.IMG_0930I was going to wait until this evening to run with my coach instead (like I did last week), but I was so nervous about this workout that I had to get it over with first thing. I couldn’t let it linger. 

(Does anyone think of this song?)

The drill: 20 minutes at a 7:17 pace; 10 minutes easy; 15 minutes at 7:17. I seriously doubted whether I could do it, but I just focused on each lap as an individual 1:49 attempt. And was shocked that I made it all the way through the workout!!IMG_0931I think it’s a good thing to get scared sometimes. I’m often guilty of pushing myself toward a comfortable goal, not a challenging one. When was the last time you tried something you seriously weren’t sure you could do? This morning I felt like I was back in high school, trying out for a sports team or walking into class on the first day of school. That nervous excitement that sort of fades as you get older, you know?

Actually, Runners World has an article on this today. It’s OK to Be Scared. Sort of cheesy, but this was one of my favorite parts:

“This is the wonderful thing about running, no matter how experienced we are, how fast or how slow: It gives normal folks like us a chance to face fear. To step up to the edge, and to jump. To know that we may not be able to finish something — or to know that we’ll suffer en route — and to do it anyway. Not because someone is forcing us, not because we have to, but because we choose to.”

For all this self-inflicted suffering, I make sure to have a lot of fun too. So when Metro Cooking DC invited me to their sneak taste last night, I was all over it._DSC0683Last night was just a warmup for what’s coming in November — more than 40 local restaurants, a handful of television chefs, cookbook authors, 300 specialty food exhibitors, and a lot more. Tickets for sale!

I kicked off the evening with a glass of vino…_DSC0686And sampled some lovely snacks, courtesy of Del Campo._DSC0680Delish.

One of the highlights for me last night was meeting the owners of the upcoming Thally restaurant near Shaw/Mt. Vernon. As PopVille, Eater, and BadWolf will tell you… it’s going to be good. Considering that one of the co-owners, Sherman Golden, was behind the bar at our FAVORITE spot Maple, I am pretty pumped.

Mingling with so many foodies was fun. Surprisingly, many of the people I met were also runners, which gave us plenty to talk about! I would imagine that being around delicious food all the time would require a fair bit of cardio! 🙂
I can’t wait until November, when the event will be in full swing! Until then I will have to knock out 20+ more restaurants on my Must Visit list. So much food in this city, so little time. Thanks for bringing them all together, Metro Cooking.

Go do something that scares you!

  • What was the last super challenging thing you tried?
  • Would you consider yourself a foodie?
  • Have you ever worked in a restaurant?

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  1. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    Great minds think a like! I found that same article last night and it made me really happy. It’s nice to hear that all runners (both new and experienced) get that scared feeling. Definitely getting into that phase now. Awesome track workout!

  2. Oh, I definitely get scared before a lot of CrossFit workouts. And every race. I get scared when I try to beat my max reps in pull-ups. My heart starts beating faster!! Haha. I worked a few short stints at McDonald’s — like any good celebrity! 🙂

  3. OMG all that food looks amazing!! I was sick dying on the couch all day yesterday, but I’m glad I can live vicariously through you & these pictures 🙂

  4. Speed workouts HAVE and WILL always continue to scare me!! I just tell myself even if I am slow on the intervals, as long as I am putting forth the effort and giving it my all, I am getting all that I can/need out of the workout!! I am planning on heading to the track this evening and i for sure have butterflies in my stomach!!! Not sure if I want to do fartleks or intervals tonight… maybe a mix of 400’s and 800’s?? oh gosh shoot me… 🙂

    Yay for foodie events!! looks delish and fun!

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