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Teddy!DSC03293I met up with a new running buddy today and introduced her to my favorite place to run in the whole DMV — Teddy Roosevelt Island. It’s just so lovely and peaceful.DSC03292The clouds were heavy, but held out for us! I’m only drenched in sweat, not rain. Not sure which is better? Thanks for the run, Brittany!

What were you up to last night? I was on the treadmill but NOT because I wanted to exercise at all. I actually had to change out of my PJs and put on a pair of sneakers which was pure agony. But anyways, the treadmill TV was the only place in my apartment building where I could find cable.

To walk and watch the FINALE of The Bachelorette. IMG_0922Insanity. I can’t believe how it turned out! Also did anyone else get annoyed with the Super Fun Night adds popping up on the screen? Weird. BROOKS WHAT HAPPENED?! I liked Chris better anyways (other than the weird poetry). Can’t wait to read Oh Jones for a full analysis.

I walked the slowest 1.5 miles of my life because I was dedicating all of my energy to the show and was wearing half pajamas, half exercise clothes.IMG_0925

Now that we have covered running and trash TV, time for food.

The other night I had absolutely nothing in our fridge except for a lonely carrot, a half-eaten carton of yogurt, and a forgotten bunch of celery.

Soup to the rescue!
_DSC0740I dug up a bag of lentils and made a combination of this recipe and this recipe. Similar to my broccoli soup the other week, I was surprised by how good this tasted given how easy/healthy it was. I topped it with some red pepper flakes for a little kick._DSC0753The only note I’d make is to use less coriander in the future. That stuff is strong!_DSC0754


And this is a picture for Anthony who is currently on the other side of the world. I bought this for you, dear, but then tried some myself. I can’t promise it will still be here when you return._DSC0755Now THAT was some random typing. I don’t know where they’re all coming from this week. Have a great day and happy running/trash TV-watching/eating.

And also, cycle for a good cause next weekend — my friends at Rock Recovery are putting on a great event! Learn more here.

  • Ice cream, sorbet, frozen custard, or gelato? (No, you can’t answer frozen yogurt that is cheating)
  • Locals: Favorite DMV spot to run?
  • Bachelorette reactions?!

Of interest:



  1. – I like all frozen treats. I reallllllly love Pitango Gelato though. I only know of two locations (Reston and DC near Oyamel) but it’s so worth going there.
    – Favorite run spot – well since I live in burbs, I like my neighborhood, but I love racing in Reston VA and Rock Creek Park.
    – Bachelorette – I was dumb and read ‘spoilers’ at the beginning of the season, which ended up being wrong, so I was kind of sad that my fairytale of Brooks realizing the error of his ways and coming back to whisk her away to where ever he lives didn’t happen. I like Chris though, he seems sweet, and he’s got great taste in rings!

  2. Haha I love that you got on the treadmill to watch TV. Oh the irony 😉
    I love meals that you can whip up from limited resources. It really makes you think hard about flavours and cooking. Looks like it turned out well!
    I’m not even sure what gelato is… I think I’d choose sorbet (lemon, for its zestiness!)

  3. I love that you went to the gym to watch!! Plenty of stranger danger people go to my apartment gym in sandals so you totally coudl have pulled that off. No sneakers required!! Gelato is delicious – have you been to Boccato Gelatoyet? It is right on Wilson and OH SO GOOD.

    Fav run is Teddy Roosevelt too!!

    My reaction was that if my BF of 3 years started writing me poetry I may throw up a little bit in my mouth. BUT some girls dig that so go Chris and Des.

  4. Eat Pray Run, DC

    Meh on the bachelorette finale. I just don’t buy that Des who was SO devasted when Brooks left just turned it around that quick. I feel like she was like, “well I want to get engaged so I’ll just run with it.” I feel bad for Chris. BUT the most exciting news from last night is that Juan Pablo is the new Bachelor! That was worth the whole 3 hours in my opinion! 🙂

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