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I was up at 7 a.m. for no reason this morning and decided to celebrate by buying myself coffee and reading a trashy magazine.
_DSC0760Actually, Redbook isn’t that trashy. It is quality stuff. For example, there’s a whole two pages in this issue which are dedicated to an underwear test. The Redbook team tried a bunch of different undie brands and styles, washed and wore them for weeks, and picked the winners of quality, cuteness, and comfort! That is valuable information. There’s nothing worse than bad underwear.

Can you tell that I don’t draft these posts before I publish them? This is stream of consciousness, people._DSC0764Bayou makes pretty good coffee (and gets extra points for letting me in before they officially opened). It’s a bit bitter, but I still like it.

Ketchup on eggs?! I never thought I would become this person. Cheese, avocado, and spinach for a bit of luxury._DSC0766Running 11 miles in drizzly skies is not a luxury, but having the health and good company to do so is! Yesterday I met up with the DC Road Runners for a nice short(er) long run.IMG_0899Though I had a shorter run scheduled for Saturday, speed was on the menu! The last three miles I picked it up (from 8:30 to a 7:40 pace) for a “high end/fast finish” run — which, according to McMillan, is one of the two main types of marathon training long runs.IMG_0900The real high point of this run, though? Runners’ brunch afterwards!DSC03288I sat next to two club members who recently finished an Ironman. That is insane, and also inspiring. Can you imagine “tacking on” a full marathon after swimming and biking for three hours? Erm no. But that is awesome that some people can.

I need to take a few more steps back in time because something delicious happened the other night… and I didn’t tell you about it. It looked like this:

(baked mussels with garlic and parsley)DSC03266and this:

(grilled trout with broccoli-ginger “mousse”)DSC03267with them.DSC03269Leah, Catherine, and I had an awesome experience at Petits Plats in Woodley Park. I would have never considered going here, but a LivingSocial deal made it possible! We were all really impressed by the good service and wonderful outdoor seating; and, of course, also impressed by the food, which was rich and light at the same time. I don’t know how French people do it.

Have a joyous weekend!

  • Do you incorporate “high end” runs into your training?
  • Are you a fan of French food? I never seem to cook/go out for it, but it is really yummy.
  • Would you ever train for a full triathlon, or have you ever done one?

Petits Plats on Urbanspoon:
Petits Plats on Urbanspoon



  1. Occasionally I will tack on a speedy finish, but honestly, I haven’t done that in a long time! I’ve had French food once, and it was tasty, its just not something that I have a “craving” for. Tri’s aren’t really my thing either… I think I’d drown!

  2. I don’t usually do a “high end” at the end of my run, but I might give it a try because it makes sense. I LOVE FRENCH FOOD!!!! I have done a sprint triathlon. It wasn’t for me. I think because I just didn’t have the right gear so running in shorts that were clinging to me was not fun, but I might try another one day because I learned a lot from the first one. Maybe.

  3. Alanna

    I would like to point out that an ironman isn’t 3 hours of swimming and biking before a marathon it’s more like 1.5 hours of swimming, 6 hours of biking, and THEN a marathon. You should try a tri!

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