12 cookies & 2 runs

Friday! Cookies!!_DSC0730I made these peanut butter gems the other night. _DSC0736Why the fork marks? Wikipedia says Pillbsbury invented the trend in the 1930s to ensure that the dough was flatter and more evenly cooked; this interesting forum brings up a variety of reasons — religious traditions, nut allergy warnings, crispiness creators. Who knows.

Served with milk!_DSC0738Because I mistakenly made this is a running blog, not a cookie blog, I guess I should move on to this:IMG_0891Last night I met up with my coach for a track workout. It was tough and awesome!

After a solid 15 minutes of warming up (high knees, striders, butt kicks, leg swings, karaoke… all those drills you did in PE class), we finally moved on to the workout. A big change for me since my usual “warmup” is just jogging half-asleep and slowly to the track. Apparently I missed this Running 101 lesson from Competitor on why a solid warmup is essential for speed. Also, I just noted my coach is quoted in this article… fate?

Two 2-mile laps and one 1-mile lap at 7:16 pace. Only two minutes of rest in between!
IMG_0893For such long reps, we focused on keeping each lap consistent; i.e., instead of trying to finish each mile in 7:16, I tried to keep each .25 mile (one lap) at 1:49. Also a new way of thinking for me. It helps break down such long reps and also prevents you from speeding through the start and slowing at the end. Constant effort!

Two awesome sunsets this week! (First one here)IMG_0894And here is the sunrise.DSC03275Before I knew it I was lacing up my shoes again this morning. I had a date with Miriam!

This might be the creepiest photo of me I’ve ever taken. Might as well put it on the internet.DSC03278Despite being sweaty and sleep-deprived, we had an excellent run and even better chat. That’s what friends are for.DSC03279Have a good weekend!

  • Do you put fork marks in your pb cookies?
  • Warm-ups: do you do ’em?
  • Do you have a running coach or ever had one?


  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I love the idea of breaking it down into .25! I am absolutely the person that loses all steam in the beginning.

  2. Mm. Cookies + pb = Heaven! I don’t do warmups for my morning runs (the time when I they’re needed the most) and warmups are built into our CrossFit classes… If I were seriously serious in getting super fast and being a much better runner in a shorter amount of time, I’d get a coach.

    • i almost wish i had gotten a coach before i became more serious about running — it’s harder to overcome my usual tendencies at this point in my “career”! you know what they say. old habits DIE HARD hahaha. go eat some peanut butter!

  3. Great idea about breaking it down. I always break a run down on a familiar route by key milestones, like a certain tree or building. On a track this obviously works a lot better hehe.
    I only do such lengthy workouts for my interval workouts with my running club. Otherwise I use the first mile…whoops!

  4. I put fork marks in my PB cookies, it isn’t the same without them. Who am I kidding, I don’t really care because I love PB cookies so much, but when I make them I put fork marks on them. It normally takes me a little bit in my run to get up to the goal speed for the day, so I do a slower run/jog at the beginning, but no official warmup. I probably should. I don’t have a coach, but it would sure be nice sometimes.

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