getting strong/eating spinach

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re halfway there.

No sunrises for you this morning. Just a picture of my shoes.DSC03271Today is a day of strength. I tried to get a little more excited about doing weight stuff by incorporating a fun Nike Training Club routine into my run-specific circuit. It helped me stay focused and have fun! (As “fun” as dumbbells can get, I guess?)

Here’s a quick circuit strength workout for runners, per Competitor: Pullups, deadlifts, pushups, planks, hamstring curls, burpees, squats, and reverse dips. If I could add to/substitute any of these movements, I’d definitely throw in clams, side-lying leg lifts, and the bridge leg lift. My coach has me doing these repeatedly and they are killer.

Onto food.

Since Whole Foods was sold out of arugula this week, I had to settle for baby spinach (yes, very difficult life lately). Perfect time to bust out the spinach strawberry salad!_DSC0715

Although arugula is a wonderfully nutritious food, it looks like Popeye was right — spinach is super when it comes to nutritional value. But does it matter if you eat it cooked? According to SF Gate, yes and no._DSC071244

“Raw spinach is significantly higher in folate, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin and potassium. Ounce for ounce, cooked spinach provides greater amounts of vitamins A and E, protein, fiber, zinc, thiamin, calcium and iron. Heating spinach also helps free up some of its most important carotenoids for absorption, including beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A.”

Not sure what vitamins are in The Hamilton‘s Summer in the City Cocktail, but it tasted delicious. Hemp vodka, rosemary lemon syrup, and ginger ale.DSC03255Anthony and I met up with an old friend and volleyball teammate of mine the other night. Cristián used to live in DC, then went to Chile for a year, and just moved here again! DC is a very transient space, but if you wait long enough sometimes your friends come back. 🙂DSC03256Go eat your vitamins!

  • Spinach: cooked or raw?
  • Favorite cocktail?
  • Tips on how to make the gym fun? I hate the gym.

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  1. I eat about 4 bags of spinach a week. But I have salads everyday and load them up with spinach. I used to hate it but then something clicked. I love the strawberry, spinach, balsamic combo!

  2. You are the opposite of me! I hate cardio but love love love strength training. There is so much variety, with different moves, weights, and rep schemes. I always like to do lower body and upper body separate, not together, but still on the same day. But I don;t know I just enjoy it so much. And Spinach…definitely raw!

  3. That’s funny that you hate the gym!! I love our regular gym too although I wish we weren’t paying for both. Probably because I am not a huge outdoor lover which is probably the worst thing ever for someone who lives in Colorado to say. They’re going to take away my residency. Music and cute clothes help me. Haha. And Jeopardy! But I guess that’s for treadmill, and I figure you’re not a fan!!!

  4. It is awesome when friends come back! I hosted one of my best friends who has been in Singapore for the last year and is heading to London indefinitely : (

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