silver lining

Look, you guys. A real silver lining. See it? IMG_0885I’m rarely out running (or actually biking, in this case) during the sunset — I’m definitely more of a sunrise type of person. But yesterday’s evening run/bike was a beautiful coincidence. I was out and about to tie up official move-out items of my old place and ride Betty back to my new place!

And to stop and meet Leah for a drink en route. Yes, we always coordinate to wear matching colors.IMG_0883And by drink, I actually mean non-alcoholic drink. On a hot summer day the Starbucks Refreshers marketing materials got to me and I gave one a try. It is super sweet but pretty refreshing, I guess. And it also costs $4.50 which is completely outrageous.IMG_0882In addition to silver linings, I also spotted this awesome red leather chair on New Hampshire Ave. It’s definitely qualified for a spot in the top ten best street furniture sightings so far!IMG_0880And… on the Virginia side, we have this lovely television on Washington Boulevard. Saw it this morning. Get it while it’s hot!
IMG_0886Actually, it is quite cool outside. My Monday started off quite lovely and I hope yours did too.IMG_0889That’s all I’ve got, you guys. Hang in there.

  • What’s the most expensive non-alcoholic drink you’ve bought lately?
  • Are you a morning or evening runner?
  • What’s your “silver lining” of late?

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  1. I actually talked myself out of coffee this morning because I think buying it anywhere by the cup is insane. Especially considering my apartment building serves it from 5am – 11am for free and Brennans roommate makes a 4 cup pot of coffee EVERY morning and only drinks half so I get the other, for free. Oh actually Brennan forgot his wallet on Sunday and we went to a movie so I spent $5 buying him a soda. GROSS.

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    Every time I go to Starbucks I feel the need to bang my head against a table. So overpriced yet I keep going back.

  3. No sugar or milk on our paleo challenge so an Americano… 😦 At least I’m saving money somewhere!! Haha. I love to run in the evenings, but I generally don’t have time then!

  4. Starbucks has got to be the most expensive non-alcoholic drink I’ve ever bought (and continue to buy). I love running in the morning but I seem to be majorly lacking in my motivation to actually get UP and moving. I love evening runs in the cooler months because I have no time constraint and its the warmest part of the day.

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