In the past few years the two most ambitious days of my life were: marathon + wedding in one day, and 24-miler + wine-tasting in one day. Yesterday I installed Part III of this series: 17.5-miler + moving in one day.

Starting at 6 a.m.:IMG_0869Ran to DC’s lovely Hains Point to meet a group of new runners! I was a substitute coach for a handful of new marathoners — their coach was out of town and asked me to fill in. Fun! IMG_0870

I designed a route that went alllll the way south to north. Hains Point, through Rock Creek Park, to Beach Drive. Here’s a loose route starting at Hains Point — the runners just added/subtracted miles as they needed.IMG_0871Taking a break to feature this free stroller on Adams Mill Road:IMG_0876Thank you.

The cool morning was wonderful. The only bad part of my run was this Gu. It tasted like coffee-bean Jello mixed with maple syrup. YUM.IMG_0874So many bikers, walkers, and runners out this weekend! It always inspires me to see other people enjoying the outdoors.
IMG_0875Everything was green and lovely and wonderful AND THEN I embarked on The Move From Hell. IMG_0878I will spare you the never-ending list of reasons why it took Anthony and I nine hours to move a small collection of items less than 5 miles. Main factors were: a two-hour Zipcar delay; lack of a loading dock and parking; dysfunctional elevators; and rain. Pouring, nonstop rain… did I mention we used an open-bed truck to move my flimsy cardboard boxes?

By 10 p.m. we finally had all of my crap in Anthony’s apartment and were exhausted. Chicken and pesto pasta to the rescue!_DSC0705Fresh basil made all the difference — and turned everything a vibrant green!_DSC0706664A side of veggies, baked at 400 for 20 minutes or so._DSC07989802We cleaned our plates in record time. Ambition doesn’t run well on an empty stomach, you know._DSC0708Today is a day of rest!

  • Last time you moved? Did you do it yourself or hire movers?
  • Pasta: tomato sauce, pesto, or alfredo?
  • Do you design your own run routes in advance, or make them up as you go?


  1. Moving is so exhausting!!! We’ve been in this house about a year. We moved ourselves!!!! Boo!! But most of our stuff was packed up and had been in storage for a few months so that made it a bit easier. But best workout ever!

  2. The last time I moved, I was 4 or 5 and thought I was “helping” by carrying things; at one point the movers were too “tired” to go back inside and get an empty small plastic bin, so I carried it and was so happy that I was able to help 😉

  3. Alanna

    I think you mean you moved all of our crap into yours and Anthony’s apartment. You are a guest no more! Congrats on the move!

  4. GOSH I hate moving. I moved from Silver Spring to Crystal City the day after I got back from a 4 day music festival and had a full body heat rash that looked like I could pop at any moment. HORRIBLE. Congrats on being moved in, you are becoming such an adulttttt!!!

    And agreed with Alanna, it a “we” / “us” / “out” apartment now!!!!!

  5. Of all the times I’ve moved/helped move, “professional” movers were not hired. I’ve moved 3 times in the past 3 years (weird, I know) with this last move being into the house with my husband. Who also happened to move into this house 3 months before we got married. So essentially I got to move/help move twice within 3 months. Definitely a good workout (especially when TONS of stairs are involved).

  6. I detest moving. I hired a couple people to help me move and they “disappeared” for about an hour in between my old place and new. They gave some incoherent response about being stopped by the police and wanted me to pay for the time that they were mysteriously gone.

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