double-whammy of delicious food

Happy Friday! A plate of scones for you._DSC0717If only our computers had Wonka Vision — then, I could transport these blueberry, lemon, and ricotta scones through cyberspace in millions of little pieces. They’d reassemble right on your kitchen table.

In the meantime, though, I’ll have to eat these all myself. The good news: Here’s the recipe! Go make a batch._DSC0720Sorry if you thought this post would be about running. It’s just not. I am still in my pajamas.

So here’s more food!

Last night Anthony and I made spiced couscous and chicken, recipe courtesy of Food Network._DSC0696-001111It is delicious and I’m not surprised at all that it has a 5-star rating. Question: Do you ever make recipes that have low ratings? I’ll usually go down to 3.5 if I’m feeling edgy.

The best part were the plump, cinnamon-y raisins. I only think of raisins for my oatmeal, but I should show them more love at dinnertime too.

_DSC0699-00133Did you mother ever tell you to eat carrots because they’ll give you good vision? WebMD’s got the facts. You were (sort of) right, mom!_DSC0698-001Have a wonderful weekend!

  • What’s your criteria for trying a new recipe?
  • Scones: plain? with butter? with cream? with jam?
  • What’s the one thing you’re MOST looking forward to this weekend?

And because I didn’t write about running, here are some people that did:



    • you don’t like to use butter as a spread?! i don’t know if those words will ever come out of my mouth. one day i am going to do a post on my favorite butters and butter quality… i have somehow become a connoisseur. have fun in RI!

  1. I don’t think that I have ever had a scone – that needs to change ASAP.
    When I make something (which is rare considering I’m a teen and I never have the ingredients I need) I don’t look at ratings on the recipe – I just make it if it sounds good 🙂

  2. Hmmm criteria… 1) That I don’t have to buy ingredients I don’t think I will use 2) If it is under an hour that is great. For winter time I am happy to cook forever but for summer the last thing I want to do is hover around a stove or oven~

    I have literally maybe had a scone once… I don’t think it had anything on it. I am reading this after the weekend BUT I am going to see my parents on Wednesday for the remainder of the week and I SOOOO excited for that : ) They have the most BEAUTIFUL kitchen in the entire world and a huge open porch / line of windows to look at the lake while I’m cooking. I loveeeee it.

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