why I run/race recap

Even though it is a lovely day out for a run, I still struggled this morning to get out the door.IMG_0863Let’s be honest here. Some days I don’t want to run. And I’m like, “Mary, why do you do this?”

Especially if I have to run up a hill to the Cathedral like I did today. It’s worth it… but I hate hills.IMG_0861

I’m not really sure why I run, honestly. If I had to narrow it down, I think I’d list my top reasons as: 1) I love to get outside; 2) I love training to achieve a goal; 3) I love the feel-good soreness afterwards; 4) I love wandering in my thoughts; 5) I love the running community & my running club. And okay, 6) I love eating endless slices of pizza.

I found some interesting lists of reasons why other people run. Here’s a lovely worldwide infographic of worldwide running; 50 reasons to run; and 20 people’s reasons they run Boston.

Anyways, after I started thinking about all the good things that come from a run, it was a lot easier to lace up my sneaks! Breezy temps helped me move my feet as well.IMG_0865A TV for you on Macomb St.IMG_0862Need a break? Have a seat on this couch on Connecticut Ave.IMG_0866

Rewind to #5 on my list… last night Anthony and I joined the DC Road Runners for the Track Championships!DSC03227The big event was hostes at Washington & Lee High School and had more than 250 runners! The one-mile sprint was super fun and I somehow smiled the whole way even though I thought I was going to collapse.DSC032306:12 finish time. 3 seconds slower than my results from last year, but I’ll take it! My only goal was to beat this lady in the pink socks, which I did. I’m sure she’s a nice woman but sometimes you just have to arbitrarily make a temporary enemy.

Anthony crushed it in 5:11. He is a cheetah.DSC03234But then we all got crushed by the last wave of runners — the Elite pack! Top woman finished in 5:00 flat. How is that possible?DSC03243If I got to break through a banner after every run, I bet I would be a lot faster. Happy Thursday to you!

  • Top 3 reasons you run?
  • Ever run/broke through a banner?!! What does it feel like?
  • Are you competitive when you race?

Of interest:



  1. I like to choose someone to beat too. When I started running, my #1 reason was definitely stress relief!!! Now I’d say it has more to do with achieving goals and it’s just a hobby!!

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    For me: stress relief, exercise and because it’s a feel-good challenge in my life. At the end of the day, every race I run I’m competing against myself and my previous time. I’m never going to be the best or the fastest, but I can always challenge myself. The pressure is never there to succeed because I get to define what success means. Sometimes success is just getting out the door and running at 5:30 am!

  3. Damnnnnn gurl, 6:12?!?! You and Anthony are like Simba and Nala all grown up. Adorbs. 5:00 is an insane time. I also totally agree that I would be stoked to run through a banner, ever. Seeing as Brennan lives in Courthouse and I’ll be joining him in April I would be totally down to join you on some AM runs and arbitrarily set up banners so we can bust through them.

    I mean just an idea…

  4. I love hearing why other people run. I posted recently about why I run, and it was amazing because I think I got more positive responses to that post than anything else I’ve ever written! I always say it, but I’ll say it again – I run because I can, and for all of the implications of that. (But yeah being able to eat endless slices of pizza after isn’t so bad either 🙂

  5. I love reading the reasons why people run, or do whatever activity they love most!
    I don’t have a real reason either- I guess because I love to be active and and I like to challenge myself. I also love the way I feel when I run, and how it can make my day that much better!
    Congratulations on the speedy mile, and on beating pink socks!

  6. Eat Pray Run, DC

    That is a speedy mile – both you and the winner! I run for the fellowship, the feeling of accomplishment and because I love to eat 🙂

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