awe of nature & broccoli soup that actually tastes good

The sun is getting sleepier these days. Which means I have a better chance of seeing the city wake up!IMG_0857

One of the many benefits of being a runner? You’re more in tune with nature. Before I started running I had no idea about sunrise time, dew point, wind chill, pollen levels… now, I’m pretty much Weather Woman. Okay, not really. But it is wonderful to get outside and see what the world has in store for me every day. If I went to the gym and sat in an office all day, I wouldn’t appreciate the outdoors as much.

Anyways enough natural awe. I kept it cool and covered a classic five miles with Miriam and Leah this morning. I’m saving my strength for the Track Championships tonight!

I’m out in Courthouse pretty permanently now. Not quite as interesting street sights, but definitely a better, quieter night’s sleep.IMG_0858I don’t know what got into me this week but I’ve been on a cooking craze. Last night’s star feature:_DSC0703I spotted this Whole Living creamy white bean broccoli soup recipe and chose it because it was quick, cheap, and healthy. So healthy that I had to add a slice of bacon._DSC0704To be honest, I had low hopes for this soup. I mean — beans, broccoli, and onion? That’s it? BUT it was incredibly delicious. Mind blown._DSC0707Cheese and pine nuts gave it some salty goodness — and a slice of buttered bread dipped its way in, too._DSC0712Get outside, and try something healthy! Both might pleasantly surprise you.

  • What’s one “healthy” food that is surprisingly delicious? i.e. I’m looking for some vegetable that actually tastes like chocolate pie. 
  • Have you ever done a one-mile race? What’s the fastest mile you’ve ever ran?
  • What do you love/hate about running outdoors?

Of interest:



  1. wendy r.

    current favorite here are roasted japanese sweet potatoes – amazingly sweet and super healthy. I roast up a whole batch of them on the weekend and then work my way through them during the week. local tip – cheapest and best selection at the asian grocery!

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  3. Can’t get enough avocado.
    Don’t remember when I ran a mile last.
    Hate running outside bc of elements. It always seems to be too hot, too cold, too sunny, raining, too humid. etc. Complain much?
    Love running outside bc you can choose your own path and get to know a neighborhood.

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