grapefruits, mattresses, & fish tacos

The modern grapefruit is no longer what it used to be.P1010521I noticed this bizarre label on a bag of grapefruits I bought the other day. Apparently it’s some weird 80s-like Sunkist marketing scheme. Apart from grapefruits being “cool” and “hip” in this modern world, they’re also just plain good for you. So I have been trying to them more often. (This article says that their low-fiber content makes them a good pre-run fruit, too.) Sorry, mom!

If that wasn’t a random enough way to kick off this post, then this might be:

P1010523My “bed” for the night. In general life news, I am moving in with Anthony on Saturday (!!!) and have sold everything I own to Craigslist strangers. What an adventure! Unfortunately it means I have no bed now, so an air mattress must do. Maybe this is “modern” camping?

Bad sleep = missed run this morning. Which isn’t quite as big of news compared to Mark Covert, who will miss his first run in 45 years tomorrow.

“The way I’m looking at the end of my streak is that it’s like an old friend, and we’re parting ways. It’s time for him to go in one direction, and me in another, but we’re still good friends.”

Check out the RW article.

Less running talk means we can move onto fish tacos more quickly!_DSC0696-001The other night Anthony and I were feeling fishy. These babies saved the day!

_DSC0697-001We used arugula instead of cabbage, greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and also added a can of black beans to help “stretch” the recipe. Topped with a mango salsa and rolled in a warm corn tortilla. Each bite was a trip to tropical heaven._DSC0699-001A question for you. Corn or flour tortillas? What brand of tortilla do you eat? We are still on a quest to find a sturdy, tasty, and somewhat healthy taco vessel. This means we have to eat a lot of tacos.

May your day be full of randomness too!

  • What’s the longest running streak you’ve gone on?
  • Tortilla tips?
  • Do you sleep well on air mattresses/sleeping bags/etc?

Of interest:



  1. Congrats on the big move! I’ve been on the other side of the craigslist selling/shopping spree and it is even less fun when you have to go to a bunch of places, instead of just have a bunch of people come take all your stuff! haha Also, at 23, I finally realized how awesome grapefruits are. Sad I missed out on 23 years of them, but going to make the next 70 count! That running streak article was pretty interesting. My longest was every day in April and it paid off with a big PR. I am considering doing it again for my next half. What is your longest streak?

    • Interesting — you didn’t feel like you needed a rest day? I didn’t count, but I ran every day for about 3 months when training for my first marathon. Looking back, it was probably not the brightest idea and I’m shocked I didn’t get injured. I think everyone’s bodies are different and can handle more impact/fatigue, but we could all use a rest day at some point.

      interestingly, i bought most of my stuff on craigslist to start! just putting back in rotation 🙂

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I don’t think I have had a super long running streak…maybe a month? I tend to need/want a running rest day after 4 or 5 days. Also, I fully support your taco eating for tortilla research.

  3. I just bought corn tortillas for the first time yesterday. I like flour better, but I read that corn are actually better for you because they’re not made with oil! Hoping my taste buds adjust! I haven’t found a great durable taco shell either. Maybe you need the Chipotle style warmer?

  4. I ran a 5k every day for over 6 months once. Not a fast 5k. I wasn’t training for anything. Just once I started, I had no real reason to quit. And I have a dog who loves that distance. It’s not like I ran it hard either!!! Love grapefruit!

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