finishing fast & going gourmet

Monday.IMG_0852If you have a case of the Mondays, WikiHow can help. Here’s a cute article about beating the Monday Blues. Aromatherapy shower, special coffee, seeing a movie? Those all would boost my weekday… BUT SO WOULD A RUN.IMG_0854My coach has me doing lots of runs where I pick up the pace at the end. Though today’s route was only a little over five miles, the last 15 minutes were tough! I’ve never been great at finishing races or runs strong and fast, so hopefully this type of training will pay off come race day.

Another thing that pays off is spending hours on the internet looking at scrumptious food photos and recipes. Over the weekend, I made this “chicken that fancies itself Spanish” recipe from my latest obsession, food52.

_DSC0687-001Even though it looks pretty gourmet, it wasn’t too difficult to make. Chicken dinner for the win(ner)!_DSC0681-001I made a few adjustments: lighter on the lemon (per review recommendations), chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken, and additional ingredients: summer squash + zucchini! Because you can never have too many vegetables.

The superstars of this dish: Garlic and lemon. And stacks upon stacks of butter-laden bread._DSC0685-001Leftovers tasted even better!_DSC0683-001Now go show Monday who’s boss!

  • What’s your least favorite and most favorite days of the week?
  • Best recipe website/blog?
  • Do you usually end your races fast or slow?

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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Finishing a run fast will definitely pay off on race day. I try to do that regularly, too. Thanks for the link love!

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