The secret to a successful summer weekend, in my opinion, is sweat.

Which I got plenty of, thanks to the DC Road Runners’ for “locally famous” Saturday Long Run.IMG_0841I covered about 13 with the club and 3 more solo. Midway Gatorade made it bearable!IMG_0845After two weekends of not-so-great long runs, I felt lucky to be out with good health and good support. Even if it was 90 degrees and I felt like I was running through a soggy towel the entire way.IMG_0843I’m not even sure why I even showered after this run, because an hour or so later I was breaking a sweat again. From each firey spoonful of pho.IMG_0850Anthony and I love pho so much that we still thought that piping hot, spicy soup sounded delicious on a hot summer day.

All of my sinuses lit on fire. The only way to describe the feeling is that it’s similar to imagining you just had your entire face waxed. A burning sensation which blossoms deep down in every pore.IMG_0851So delicious, and so worth it.

Any by the time I recovered, I was back out there again. This morning’s much shorter run still reaped sweaty results.DSC03224Cheers to a sweat-tastic summer for us all!

  • Do you avoid summer running?
  • What’s the sweatiest moment of your life?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?


  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Today I had so much sweat happening it was splashing off my face and onto my sunglasses. Probably the sweatiest moment of my life.

  2. That pho looks tasty! I typically avoid running once the heat/humidity reach 90+. I don’t do well in the heat and after training for Chicago through the summer months a few years ago, I told myself “never again” to committing to early fall marathons 😉

  3. Sweatiest moment of my life… squeezing a 6 mile run, a shower, quick change, and walking back up to my office. The shower was cold but that did not stop my sweat fiery. I was in my office with a bright red face and my hair beginning to look like I was hosed down… It was an UBER good look for me. Since then I cap my lunch mileage at 5 haha

  4. I love summer running. The heat and humidity always makes me feel like I’ve actually done something. My favourite thing to do on weekends is to have ‘Andrew movie time’ for an hour or so (around midday in summer and around 3pm in winter) to unwind. I usually end up falling asleep through the movie but it feels so luxurious.

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