Workout of the day:IMG_0839Half sleeping, half stretching. I even convinced Anthony to join me!DSC03209After two back-to-back hard runs, a rest/stretch day feels like a real treat.

Speaking of which, today I came across “Get faster and stronger with high-intensity, high mileage training” today by Runner’s World. It basically recommends a week of super intense training — “pushing hard for seven days straight.”

Although I do think it’s important to have peak weeks in training, I don’t think that ramping your mileage up by 50% and running a week without a rest day is a good idea. Not only do I think it will lead to injury, but (as someone who’s done this, actually), I don’t think it’s possible to run such high mileage and keep high the intensity. You can try, but by the end of the week your legs feel like rocks — based on my experience, anyways. What do you guys think?

On a less controversial note: pizza.P1010515If I did ever attempt seven straight days of high mileage and high intensity, I think the only way to get through it all would be mid-week pizza. It’s a magical thing.

Tomorrow is Friday, you guys!

  • Does your boyfriend/husband do yoga?
  • How many rest days do you take a week?
  • What’s your favorite brand of frozen pizza?

Of interest:



  1. I think Kevin would do savasana!! Lol. He’s done it with me a few times, but it’s hard to motivate him. I rest like 1.5 or 2.5 a week. By that I mean, sometimes I work out at 5am one day and the next day at 7pm so it’s almost like a rest day. Haha. We haven’t had a lot of pizza lately, but we are starting a nutrition challenge on monday so this weekend might be the time!!!!

  2. I usually run every other day and run back to back Saturday and Sunday. So far it works well for me. I love, love, LOVE Totino’s Party Pizza. I’m pretty sure it’s for little kids, but the crispy crust is absolutely delicious, and they make personal sizes.

  3. I agree!! I find I have already pushed myself too much with multiple days a week workouts and I am so broken down and tired….
    Great yoga poses!! 🙂

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