sprinklers, hopscotch, and braids

When was the last time you ran through sprinklers?
DSC03196Thank you, Argonne Apartments, for providing the entertainment and refreshment!

More entertainment was provided by the Wednesday morning ladies’ group. One day I’ll get a picture of all three of us, if I can find someone awake and willing at 6 a.m. Since Leah and I were looking sleek in black this morning, we got to be the photo stars.

Also per our heated discussion the other week, I have decided that some days are meant for running in sports bras.DSC03195In other fashion news, I tried the braid!DSC03190And sorry guys, but it failed. It kept whipping around and hitting me in the face — too much weight concentrated in one space! The glory of the ponytail is that your hair’s weight is more widely distributed. This is pure science. I think next time I am going to try the tight bun, but will I look like a ballerina instead of a runner?!

Just kidding. Ballerinas don’t play hopscotch.DSC03199Meridian Hill park is covered in chalk drawings. Perfect motivation for my end-of-run striders!

And as if good friends and fun perks weren’t enough motivation, check out what a gorgeous day we have today.
DSC03193And then check out this ice cream that Catherine and I dove into last night. DSC03188Stay cool, peeps.

  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • The last child-like thing you did (sprinklers, hopscotch, etc)?
  • Do you wear colorful or more neutral workout gear?

Of interest/for entertainment:



  1. Favorite ice cream flavor – chocolate chip cookie dough, no question.
    Last child like thing I did – a froyo eating contest, does that count?
    Colorful workout gear. It’s one of the reasons that I like working out, actually.

  2. Love when sprinklers are on during a hot run! I most definitely run through them! The last time I did was at Ironman Coeur d’Alene; they were so refreshing!
    When my hair was long, that braid also whipped me in the face all the time. I found just a regular old pony was the best option.

  3. Mary, try two side French braids. When my hair is longer, that is what I do for swimming and biking. French braided pigtails are secure, off my neck, and cute.

  4. I run in a french braid and NEVER get whipped because it is low ((a high braid like that is so painful!!)) I have thick longish heavy hair and even running in a pony tail hurts! I am all about the french braid…

    ice cream looks delicious!!! And I am all about the loud obnoxious colorful workout gear!!!

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