ponytails to pasta

True, running at the crack of day means cooler temps and better sunrises.IMG_0824BUT in my case it also means you have to suffer the scents of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and buttery pancakes. I pass an IHOP and a Panera, back to back. Torture!
IMG_0833In other news, my mascot is back! IMG_0821Good thing he gave me a boost because I might have died during my track workout without him. My dear coach assigned me four 1-mile repeats which were intense given today’s extreme heat. It takes me two miles to get to the track, and two more miles to get home, so all in all it’s a big workout. IMG_0830When I got home I drank half of the DC water supply and untangled my super sweaty, tangled hair. Speaking of which, question for you: how do you wear your hair when you run? The other day I experimented with a bun:DSC03131But found it way too heavy/bouncy for running. I typically sport a basic ponytail, but now that my hair is getting long and the heat makes me especially sweat-tastic, I’m finding that it tangles way too easily. At the end of each run I have a massive knot of frizz/tangles… it’s really attractive.

Not sure how to transition from ponytails to pasta so let’s just go for it._DSC0684-001Anthony made this delicious pasta the other night. He’s half Italian so tomato sauce basically runs in his blood.
_DSC0689-001He invented the pasta sauce — it’s basically something like this. Served atop whole-wheat linguine and topped with parsley + parmesan._DSC0690-001It’s always exciting to end a post with thoughts of cheese, isn’t it?

  • Do you eat whole wheat or regular pasta?
  • Recommendations for running hair styles?
  • Ever been chased by dogs (or a cat?) during a run?

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  1. MichelleG

    Try a low tight bun. I use 3 hair ties 🙂 does not bounce. What time do you run in the morning? Do you wait till its light out?

    • ‘m out there as early as 5:15 some days, 6:45 others — just depends how many miles I have and how lazy I feel 🙂 In the summer, the sun usually beats me to rise… in the winter, I often wake up before it does. thanks for the hair tips! maybe i’ll give that a go.

  2. My hair is real long – mid back length. I wear it in a high pony tail and then braid the pony tail. if it’s a long run, I tend to then wrap the braid into a bun and use another elastic. For some reason if you braid the bun first, it doesn’t bounce as much – at least on my head it doesn’t.

    I am totally going to make that pasta dish tonight. I’ve been craving a good pasta dish!

  3. When my hair was longer I started running in a ponytail braid. I would go for a slighting lower pony so the braid doesn’t swing and hit you while you run. I experiment for awhile to figure out the perfect height, but once I started doing that my hair was ten times less tangled! And the ponytail braid helps slightly control the “hot mess” look when you’re done running. You’ll still be hot, but not a mess.

  4. Runner Girl Eats

    My hair is super thin so I can get it into a managable bun and that is my favorite way to run. Second is a braid. Those ponytail tangles post run are miserable!

  5. I used to get chased by street dogs sometimes when I lived in the DR. That was a little scary. I have the same hair issues. And it’s worse ever since I’ve moved to Colorado — the tangles are insane. I guess it has something to do with the really low humidity here. I have a lot of ripped out hair in the front. So wispy. Ugh!!! I have been using a lulu bang buster headband, and that helps!

  6. I run with my hair in a really really tight (yet messy) bun, sometimes with a headband to keep everything out of my face. Ponytails tend to swing back and forth and drive me crazy!

  7. Lynz

    I just found your blog! I love it! I eat whole wheat pasta! Its healthier and more filling in my opinion. I think the best running hair styles are either in ponytail under a cap or in a high bun or a braid. I think a braid works best but my hair is super curly and not cooperative so I usually just wear it in a ponytail under a cap. Btw, I love your the color of your hair! I’m thinking about highlighting my hair and the color of yours is so pretty! I’ve never been chased by dogs or a cat during a run although I have had a squirrel chase me. 🙂

  8. wendy r.

    Have been following your blog a few days now – really enjoying it and especially the links at the end of your posts! Like others say, I wear my hair in a braid – but I don’t do a ponytail first, I just braid it down the back and find that it doesn’t bounce or get tangled that way. Like you, I’ve been running at 0515 to avoid the heat this week! Good luck.

  9. Laura

    I also agree with the ponytail braid suggestion, I have long hair and it gets crazy knotted up from this heat & humidity!!!!

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