secret miles + secret recipe

I debated sleeping in this morning, but am glad I chose to open my eyes and start the week off right. With sun.IMG_0812It’s been awhile since I wrote about the Garmin 210 vs. the Nike+ Sportwatch. I’ve been using them both for about six months and can finally say that the winner is Garmin.

Though my Garmin definitely isn’t perfect, the Nike+ watch has two major drawbacks that continually let me down. One is that you can’t enter into interval training mode (for track workouts) from the watch itself; you have to program it before your run, through the computer.

Second is THIS, which takes far too long way too often.IMG_0811

Another minor point is that the buttons for the Nike watch are on the left side of the watch. Assuming most people wear the watch on their left hand, that means your right hand has to move extra far to push start and stop during your run! Am I crazy? Maybe.

Despite those couple flaws, I still think Nike did a pretty good job on this gadget. It’s a good, cheaper alternative to a Garmin that would be a nice “next step” after using a smartphone app, mapmyrun, etc. to calculate your mileage.

By the end of my ????-mile run (satellites never loaded), I was Sweat Woman. It is hot out there!IMG_0817Time to move on to hamburgers.

The most exciting thing that happened on Sunday was that my stomach came
back. I was so excited to eat and Anthony happened to have all the ingredients to make his signature burgers. Fate._DSC0672-001I don’t think the burger recipe is actually on the blog. Here it is: 1 lb. turkey, 1/2 c parmesan, 1 onion, handful of parsley, 2 eggs, 1/3 barbecue or teriyaki sauce, salt + pepper, and enough breadcrumbs to make everything stick together. Makes about 8 patties.

Topped with avocado, tomato, sprouts, and… pineapple!_DSC0674-001

Anthony is very nervous about publishing this on the internet… I am going to say that it is trademarked so nobody can make millions of dollars off of these burgers except for us._DSC0676-001The sweet potato series continues. This time we pan-fried them as “chips” which was even more delicious than when they were fries.

Have a sun-sesational Monday!

  • Do you have any “secret” recipes?
  • What sort of watch or program do you use to estimate mileage/pace?
  • Favorite form of a potato: baked, fries, chips, mashed, other?

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  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I use my Garmin adn really like it but need to experiment iwth it more because I def don’t use all of the fancy functions. And pineapple+burger is the best combo!

  2. My BF has the Nike+ and I have used it a few times. I definitely prefer my Garmin. I have found that since I am not using my Garmin very much right now that when I do need to find satellites it takes forever. My go to method now is strapping the watch onto the railing on my balcony while I get ready. That way the watch finds the satellites and when I get outside it hooks up easy peasy! My Garmin is a 405!

    My Dad’s soy sauce meatballs are a family favorite, I shared the recipe over the holidays:

    SO GOOD!

    • yeah, my garmin definitely acts up with satellites sometimes too… but not as often as Nike! good idea with the pre-loading while you get ready. meatballs look good — no eggs or breadcrumbs, though? very meaty!! 🙂

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    I’ve been craving burgers lately- we put some on the menu plan for the week at my parents! Ugh- so frustarting when the satellites never load!

  4. Dawn H.

    That burger looks so good! I love the combo of sweet and savory, so I’m gonna have to try that. We’ve been eating tons of sweet potatoes too – in chip form, fries, sweet potato salad (like potato salad, only with sweet potatoes). So good!

  5. I had a loooong time deciding between the nike and the garmin– I went with the nike. I have had it for over a year now and have had no problems! I love it! However, I definitely know a few people with the nike and have had loads of problems!

    oh my gosh those burgers…. and that sunrise! Girl I am still crazy jealous of your morning city runs!!

  6. I love my Garmin!!! I’ve had a few of them and so far the 210 is my favorite. (One was stolen and the 410 constantly broke.) And burger and fries = I’m jealous. That’s my favorite weekend lunch. We always go to this place for a delicious turkey burger but it’s closed for renovation right now. It’s been a sad few Saturdays around here. My favorite form of potato is sweet potato fries. They go great with a turkey burger 😉

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