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Happy weekend!

Ours has been filled with the usual. Good food:_DSC0676-001Thanks to this “adult” fish sticks with aioli recipe from food52, my new favorite food blog. Paired with baked sweet potato fries and some sautéed kale for a nutritional kick!_DSC0677-001For some reason our aioli didn’t turn out nearly as creamy as the one pictured in the recipe… and thus we made our meal a little less adult-like by bringing in some good ole Heinz._DSC0682-001We continued to delight our inner children with a game of Monopoly Millionaire.IMG_0799Anthony was buried in so many millions that he died.IMG_0800Unfortunately I think my bitter loss led to an illness. Saturday’s long run was canceled due to a stomach bug. The only thing I did all day was walk to CVS to buy a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

I only bought one thing. In return I received the longest receipt of my life:
IMG_0802I felt a bit better and attempted my long run this morning, instead. A muddy path…IMG_0803and some monuments…IMG_0805and then the metro. I made it about eight miles before admitting that I literally could not stomach this run and had to call it quits.IMG_0807Not the most uplifting way to end my run, but not every run can be perfect, right? To cheer myself up, I just looked back at this post from exactly one year ago, when I was stuffing my face with sushi. dsc00576Sweet memories. Have an uplifting Sunday!

  • Have you ever had to quit on a long run? How did you handle it?
  • Do you shop at CVS and fall victim to their extreme receipts?
  • Do you have a blog or diary that you go back to and read often?


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