Running in a flash flood? Ain’t no thang.IMG_0796I couldn’t drag myself all the way to the track, but some sprints in Meridian Hill Park did the trick!IMG_0798

Six soggy 1000-meter dashes later and I was done. I felt pretty proud making my 4:33 goal times; but I just looked up the world record for the 1000 meter and realized that Svetlana Maserkova crushed it in 2:28, back in 1996. That is incredible! I feel like I have accomplished nothing. But then again, her legs are really long so maybe that’s all she has on me ;). IMG_0797

I haven’t really gotten into watching professional running, but the more I learn about it the more it intrigues me! Anyone have any tips/resources for a quick spectators’ intro to pro running?

Anyways, I was supposed to do this track workout with a new running group last night — but when Obama’s motorcade decided to come down 16th St. NW, all my routes home from work were delayed by 40+ minutes.

Meaning I wouldn’t make it to track in time. Meaning I had to go to happy hour.IMG_0790I joined Anthony and some coworkers at Elephant & Castle to cool off with a beer — and then really heated things back up with a salad at SweetGreen!2013-07-11Anthony and I both ordered salads involving sriracha, which was a fiery mistake. I think last night was the first time in history I haven’t finished a salad. My mouth felt like a furnace and I failed.

I’m so ashamed of myself. Can’t finish a super hot salad, can’t beat an Olympic 1000-meter record. How can I go on like this?

But today’s a new day, you guys. We can do anything!

  • Do you eat at SweetGreen? What’s your go-to salad?
  • How do you handle missed/failed/rescheduled workouts?
  • What are you doing today that makes your Friday special?!

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      • DistrictSweats

        Haha. I just meant because you wrote “mile” instead of “meter.” But yes! Running date! My life is all kinds of crazy lately. Weekdays are easier to schedule, but obviously less convenient for you! I’m traveling this weekend, but maybe we can circle back later this month and figure something out!

  1. Two things – first, ive been to DC twice to visit friends and I keep hoping you’ll mention a place I know, and it happened!! I went to Sweet Green, but I got th froyo! It was good!

    Second – I’m traveling today so I’m reading blogs on my phone and I typed in “miles per minute” and apparently you can get airline miles for every mile you run or something like that? Sounds pretty awesome, but I feel like there must be a catch.

    Happy weekend!

    • haha WHAT? given that anthony is from australia and we go there every year or so, i need to join in that program immediately. if i just run a marathon every week we will never have to buy tickets again! 🙂
      yes, sweetgreen is great! they actually started in dc and have a few locations here — i think they just opened their first shop in nyc too. happy travels!

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I love getting sriracha in my Sweet Green salad! I’m actually having Sweet Green for lunch today where I will be making my own salad. For some reason I never order off the menu. I always create my own concoctions. Sometimes they’re delicious, sometimes, not so much.

  3. A salad with Siracha?? That sounds awesome. Kevin would love that !! He had the spiciest wings ever last night. We are so happy this weekend because we are staying home and have no family here. Haha. We love them, but we’ve been with family almost the entire summer!! And all of them live in Minnesota! It’s crazy!!!

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