3 notes for breathing (and cooking)

A storm is brewing.P1010511Just up in the clouds this morning, doing a yoga/Pilates mix you can purchase here for $2.00. I would almost say this is the cheapest workout ever… but remember, running is *free*. 🙂

My virtual instructor and me. Yes that is as far as my hips will go when I attempt Indian-style sitting… sad.P1010507One thing (of many things) that I don’t quite understand about yoga and Pilates is the whole breathing thing. Inahling, exhaling, puffing, lion’s breath… what the heck?

But apparently, the they’re on to something. Check out this Runner’s World article that gives an overview of three Pilates/yoga poses that can help strengthen your diaphragm… and potentially improve your running. According to the experts, “deep” breathing (think of breathing into your belly, not your chest) delivers more oxygen to your lungs and helps you relax your shoulders — thus conserving energy. Hm.

With all the grey skies, I’m glad I have a bright lunch to look forward to:
P1010499After a couple days of post-vacation dining out, drinking, unpacking, and sleeping, I finally found time to cook something. And by “cook,” I mean not cook.P1010502This delicious garbanzo, tomato, and cilantro salad recipe comes from Kalyn’s Kitchen. I stuck to the recipe 100% with three notes: 1) I didn’t use onion powder; 2) I would say avocado is not optional — let’s be serious guys. And 3) this tastes fantastic but could be made even better with feta cheese.

Up close and personal:P1010504Breathe deep today!

  • Do you practice breathing exercises? What results have you seen?
  • Cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, vine tomatoes, or heirloom tomatoes?
  • If you had to do one yoga pose for the rest of your life what would it be?

Of interest:





  1. When I first started Pilates, I felt the same way as you about the breathing, but if you do it right, it really does help.

    I hate all tomatoes with a passion. It’s something about the texture that I can’t get over.

    Child’s pose. I don’t do yoga, but we do child’s pose after all of the more difficult moves in Pilates, and it’s so relaxing.

  2. I love doing yoga but I never even thought about the benefits of deep breathing for running. It makes a lot of sense! I agree with Amy above and would say child’s pose is one I could do forever. I would pick the wheel but I can only hold that for a very short amount of time. 🙂

  3. I need some yoga so badly this weekend. I love to do happy baby. Haha. And tree! And bow. Obviously I don’t love them enough since I don’t do them very often. I blame it on my dogs. They seriously will not give me any peace if I’m on the floor! That salad looks amazing! What a great combo!!

    • i love tree because it is basically… standing. best pose ever. yeah the salad was surprisingly delicious. it’s basically un-mashed guacamole + chickpeas. if i recall correctly you have a soft spot for guac… you should give it a try!

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