high temps & good friends

Morning!IMG_0784After two months of traveling, moving, new jobs, and injuries, me and my two favorite running friends have finally reunited. Thumbs up for ultra sweaty 6 a.m. hangouts!IMG_0787You guys. It is freaking hot and humid outside. Although we spent a lot of energy chitchatting this morning, I could definitely feel the high temps and moist morning air dragging me down — especially toward the end of my run! IMG_0788

I’ve written about this before, but it’s pretty interesting to look at the data behind climate and running performance. According to this Runner’s World article, high temps and humidity can add extra minutes to your marathon time. Not shocking information, of course, but here’s the stats: for every for every 10-degree increase above 55 degrees, there’s a 1.5 percent to 3 percent increase in average finishing time for a marathon.

Good thing I was well under 26.2 miles today!

But enough about today — let’s recap last night! I met up with Sophie, who blogs at Life’s Philosophie.DSC03144We went to St. Ex, an old hangout that never dies.DSC03141Beers were had, blogging was discussed, and bonding occurred. It’s always so nice to meet other bloggers in real life!DSC03142Speaking of real life, I need to get back to it now. Have a great day!

  • Do you tend to visit the same bars/restaurants over and over, or always try new spots?
  • How do you cope with running in the heat?
  • What are you most looking forward to today?

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  1. Can I say how jealous I am that you get to A.) run in DC every day and B.) Get to run with a running buddy!!! I need that in my life!! Sounds like so much more fun!
    I think I do a pretty good job of mixing up my food spots– i love places I KNOW are good… but trying new cafes/lunch spots/pubs are always a good time!!

    If I know it is going to be an extra hot day… I prepare the whole day before and day of with just constant water and electrolyte tablets. Just keep drinking…. other than that, I just pray I don’t pass out 🙂

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