silly names and silly delays

Good morning from Nashville (still)!IMG_0772After two canceled flights and one delayed flight, we are hoping to leave Tennessee at some point this week. In the meantime we are looking like this.IMG_0776The good part about being stuck in airplane-await mode is that you get to play games and eat more while you hang around and wait to fly.DSC03140Other than that, not much has been happening the last 15 hours other than we went on a run obviously.IMG_0770Since Monday has been devoured by airport excursions, I moved today’s run to last evening. On the menu: a fartlek. If you can get past the silly name (which is Swedish for “speed play”) and take this type of run seriously, I go to this, this, and this page to find fartlek workouts and inspiration. And this is a neat article that compares fartleks, tempo runs, and interval workouts.

Anthony joined me for the outing!
DSC03132It was a humid one, but a good way to wrap up our Southern adventures.

Catch you from the nation’s capitol soon, I hope!

  • What’s the longest flight delay you’ve experienced?
  • Do you run/workout on vacation?
  • What’s your go-to order at Starbucks?




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