Finally, the sun’s come out!

DSC03125After two days of rain, we’ve been happy to float around and perfect our tans. The whole crew of “kids:”DSC03124I think when I was a little one, floaties weren’t nearly as cute as they are these days.
DSC03117Now that I’ve celebrated the sun, here’s a rainy recap of the past couple days. Anthony and I had a whirlwind wedding day — we met with the photographer, event rental crew, church, florist, and most importantly… caterers!
DSC03107I think it is safe to say our wedding will be fun and DELICIOUS.DSC03111Platter domination.DSC03112Other indoor activities include fun, games, and drinking:DSC03115Per y’all’s recommendations (yes, I’m saying y’all because I am in Tennessee), I tried Izze! It was really yummy.

And, of course, we made it out into the drizzle for some soggy jogs.DSC03102Yesterday I covered 14 miles on this little trail! Not my best run ever, but I’m glad I got it in. Photo courtesy of my professional personal photographer, Anthony Lambkin.DSC03103I’d love to stay and chat, but there’s just too much fun and food to be had before we depart! Hope you are all having a fab fourth of July weekend.

  • What’s your favorite indoor activity?
  • Do you avoid running in the rain?
  • What kind of food did you have at your wedding?


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