From Virginia, to DC, to Baltimore, and back to DC! In less than 24 hours. And without a car!IMG_0743Last night I headed to Charm City to catch up with Alanna. Wine and cheese was in order, as usual:P1010492Before I knew it our glasses were empty, our stomachs full, and our eyes closed. That’s the best type of Monday night party.

Which made for an excellent run this morning, let me tell you. 😉IMG_0740A jog down memory lane, for sure. Not only does Baltimore hold memories of my university years, but also of my first blogging conference!

I guess you could say it is glum outside, but I thought the clouds were sort of ominous and enchanting.IMG_0739Speaking of enchanting — you know what else is special about Charm City? It’s where Anthony and I got engaged. This morning I revisited the restaurant where it all went down.IMG_0741

Running through old routes can make me really reflective. Not in a sad way, of course! But it just brings back memories that haven’t surfaced in a while.

It’s no secret that physical and mental health go hand in hand, but this article from the New York Times discusses a study that looked at the impact of exercise on memory, in particular. Looks like people who regularly exercise have better memories than those who don’t; and short-term exercise (like, exercising the morning before you take an exam) is especially useful for “kick-starting” your brainpower.

I wouldn’t say my brain was extra-powerful after multiple glasses of wine, but that’s okay. The best news is that I got my run in, got to see my old city, and made it to catch my train home, on time!IMG_0736And here we are in DC, again. Let’s see if coffee can increase my brainpower, too!

  • Do you jog memories when you’re on a run? Or do you think more about the future?
  • Do you have a tradition from college that you still enact?
  • Would you like to have this giant silver man statue  in your front yard?

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  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Running definitely jogs my memory and helps me think about the future. I always try to fit in a run before a big day to keep me sharp 🙂

  2. I’m with Liz. Running, for me, is a time when I don’t have to think about anything. I started running when I moved to a new town, so I don’t have that many memories associated with this place yet. Whenever I get to see my college friends, old traditions always seem to pop up. Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. Sometimes I do think about memories – not so much of ones on that particular run (because I run the same route. A. Lot.) but I think about things from the past and I think about the future. It helps keep me occupied! No college traditions for this gal. I’m not sure that statue would ‘blend in’ with out tree/leaf/grass filled yard…The squirrels would probably have a blast though.

  4. Sarah Muntzing

    I try and use my runs to clear my head, think about nothing, but the actual routes I run are what I consider a college tradition/memory jogger–since I went to school here. There’s the “Adams Morgan loop”, “Cleveland Park”, “that hilly one I hate”, etc. And after running those a few times, the memories make their way into my running thoughts :).

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