city grit & new gear

Until I officially move to the city outskirts with Anthony, I’m soaking in as much city grit as I can.IMG_0691I love you, Petworth.IMG_0693Not only for your rustic charm, but also for your rugged track!IMG_0690

As I’ve stated before, I struggle to push myself to make it to the track. Just not my favorite workout. But today I was motivated — because I had new gear! Sporting a new sweat-tastic tank from Cory Vines.IMG_0681

The racerback tank is made from “moisture-wicking” fabric that actually stayed pretty light — not bogged down with sweat — during my 85-degree jog this morning. Cory Vines says that what makes them different from the rest is the “integrity of our textiles.”IMG_0679 I mostly just like them because the shirt is cute, breathable, and affordable. And Cory Vines seems like a cool company.

Favorite things about the top: Breezy, light fabric; large arm holes and thin straps (no chafing!); longer cut; cute colors; durable fabric. If I could improve one thing about the top, I’d make the neckline a little higher (it’s allllmost too low). Also, note that the sizes at Cory Vines seem to run a bit bigger than Lululemon or Nike — I originally ordered a small but had to exchange for an XS, which was a much better fit.

If you want to snag one of these “Lululemon-quality” tops, you can use the code mary10 at the checkout for 10% off. Enjoy!

Not only did I have a new top today, but I also found a new mascot!IMG_0694Awwww.

This post is sponsored by Woodward Table, whose beer and pizza hit the spot last night and definitely made me a better sprinter this morning.DSC02991DSC02999Actually, it’s really sponsored by Anthony, who agrees to join me during these special moments.DSC02996I am lucky. Also, let’s take a moment to look at my nails. Not a single one chipped! Lifetime record for me. My goal for the day is to not touch anything.DSC02997Have a great day you guys!

  • What’s your go-to workout clothes brand?
  • Do you drink during the week?
  • If you had to run forever in one setting, would it be: boring but safe suburbs? lonely but beautiful wilderness? or dangerous but exciting city alleyways?


  1. I took a look at your running research projects page and there is SUCH great info! I’ll have to go back and take a look at your articles! I don’t have a go-to work out brand. I find myself scouring the aisles at places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to find good stuff. I got an Under Armour Cold Gear Compression top from there this winter for half the price!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I’m a sucker for Nike adn Target. My $12 Champion tank is still my absolute fav running top! I wish I bought 34 of them when I had the chance :/

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  4. Your legs look fantastically runnerific in that picture. I am so very jealous. My go to brand… I actually love all my Old Navy running shorts. For shirts I am pretty indifferent. I just run in a sports bra when its uber gross out.

      • Agreed! I am taking Sasha on an epic walk tomorrow on the mt vernon. I’m tempted to rock a sports bra to get a tan… I figured having a dog with me would make me not look like a lazy walker… maybe ill wear a knee brace too so people are like “ahhhh she is injured, good for her walking!” instead of “lazy bum, YOU SHOULD BE RUNNING.”

  5. Dawn H.

    lonely but beautiful wilderness! I’m a total nature lover šŸ™‚ except for the bugs…I’m gonna check out Cory Vines! My go to running brand is UA – love their shirts.

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