My second-ever 5k: done! I am still alive and even had the strength to cut up a watermelon after I crossed the finish line.IMG_0664The Women’s Distance Festival & Run After the Women 5k was held at Bluemont Park, a beautiful little suburban getaway that I would have never discovered and somehow managed to place myself in, thanks to a complex public transportation adventure.IMG_0661Unfortunately my time on the bus and subway meant that the whole 20-minute stretching/jogging warmup didn’t happen. I pretty much walked off the bus at 6:59 p.m. and to the start line at 7:00. dcrrAnd then before I knew it, it was over!

The best thing about 5ks are that they are over in 20-30 minutes and then you get to hang out for twice as long with your runner friends.IMG_0666The official times aren’t up yet! But I think I finished around 22 minutes. Not bad considering it was 90 degrees, but not as fast as I ran last year! The best news is that I took third in my age group and got a Starbucks gift card. Yippee.

I took it much slower on this morning’s short jog.IMG_0670-001

Then it was time for some “run-specific” strength training, which I hate doing. But apparently it’s good for you — check out this Runner’s World article on the benefits of certain exercises. I never really thought that muscles in my upper body were that important for running, but apparently they’re essential to maintaining good form.IMG_0673-001

Stay strong today!

  • Do you enjoy doing strength workouts?
  • What’s your favorite race distance?
  • Do you take public transportation or drive a car?

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  1. Do you enjoy doing strength workouts?
    • I actually do! I am currently doing the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women program (on stage 4 of 7) and I am loving it. My running has improved a lot since I started, mainly because my glutes, hamstrings and hips were all very weak before starting the training, and now with them getting stronger I am seeing I can go farther (not much faster) without any soreness. Win!
    What’s your favorite race distance?
    • I love the half distance. I hate it at mile 9, but I love it in retrospect. I’ve run a lot of 5k’s and while it’s a fun time, it really is over too soon.
    Do you take public transportation or drive a car?
    • I drive a car, but I live in the way out suburbs (near the wineries in VA) so I have no other option.

  2. Emily

    I just found your blog and love it! I actually do like doing strength workouts! I used to hate it but I also started New Rules of Lifting for Women. I’m on stage 2. Its tough but I love the results I’ve been getting. I have less injuries now and even though I haven’t been losing much weight I’ve lost inches especially in my waist. I’m training for my first half marathon now so I think that’s going to be my favorite even though I will always love the thrill of fast 5ks.

  3. Runner Girl Eats

    Congrats! A Starbucks gift card would be my dream prize. I actually really like strength training. I’ve finally gotten into a good habit of doing it consistently and def see improvements.

  4. Congrats on what sounds like a great race!
    I don’t like strength training and hardly ever lift weights, but I try to do 2 workouts a week with lunges, squats, push ups, & tri dips between spurts of running. I started adding those workouts in the fall, and I think they’ve really helped keep injuries away.
    Race distance: Half!

  5. Starbucks gift card is the best prize ever!!!!! I actually walk the most! We only have one car and Kevin takes it to work and is gone from 7AM-6PM… so I’m usually walking. But I just got a bike!!!!!!

  6. I love doing strength workouts. 5ks are definitely my favorite race distance. I notice the most improvement with my times during that length and find it easier to push myself when I know I’m only going 3 miles. I drive me car 🙂 I’ve never really used public transportation except for in Vegas we took taxis and shuttles everywhere.

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